All the rumors and leaks about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so far


A new generation of Pokemon is on the way with Scarlet and Violet. Although only a few official statements have been made, there is plenty of material for speculation. Dozens of rumors about the ninth generation of Pokemon are circulating online, and some leaks are even confirmed by the latest trailer. However, there are still plenty of potential new features that Nintendo or Game Freak haven’t confirmed or denied yet.

Until the latest Pokemon Presents, aspects of Scarlet and Violet, such as the name of the region, gym leaders, lack of bicycles and clothing customization options, were offered only through leaks. At the same time, this is not all that the leaders mention. From parts of the Paldea region to new Pokemon, there are still a lot of rumors to weed out.

Scarlet and Violet region and gameplay information

As for the region and characters, fans learned about the academic side of this new journey, as well as that their adventures will be based on three different stories. It also turns out that gym leaders have other jobs or hobbies, such as snowboarding, in addition to their current position in the Pokemon League. However, there are still leaks about the region and gameplay that have yet to be confirmed.

To begin with, the game supposedly has three cities and nine towns. Gyms can apparently be challenged a second time, and a female psychic gym supervisor could be part of the League’s challenge. As for the Elite Four, the leaks indicate that they consist of a child of unknown gender, one of the teachers from the newly introduced academies, a woman and one of the gym leaders — although this is probably the undisclosed leader of the Ice-type gym Pear. .

There is a common image with red, orange, pink, black and purple circles, which imply the representation of the types of the Elite Four, with the exception of the Champion, which may vary depending on which version is playing. As for the other characters, Nemone, Penny, and Arwen—the latter two were recently revealed—will play exclusive roles in Paldea’s three stories. There are rumors that Penny does not use new Pokemon, preferring the Evie family. Professor Sada will only appear in Scarlet, and Professor Touro will only appear in Violet, but leaks describe them as “not evil”, whatever it takes.

The new region also seems to lack fishing, traffic reminders, and kindergarten, although Pokemon breeding will still be present in a still-explained form related to picnics. Leaks suggest that the motion reminder will be replaced by a menu item, as in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, from which Mass Outbreaks is also rumored to be returning. Finally, DLC and an auction system with NPCs leaked.

Rumors about Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet

Rumor has it that there are more than 400 monsters in the new regional pokedex, including Rotoma and Ivy, who seem to be the main subject of the “binding” subquest. Alpha Pokemon are returning to the games, albeit with a unique approach to size differences, and the shiny Pokemon of the world; but not all Hisuian forms from Legends: Arceus. The only Pokemon that can be ridden will be legendary mascots, and players can only be followed by their monsters outdoors.

With a complete transition from each generation starting with X and Y, it looks like Scarlet and Violet will present a list of new Pokemon comparable to the third and fourth generations. There will be more than 120 new creatures in the games, and even more if they include new alternative forms, new evolutions for old Pokemon and DLC. The screensavers will be dedicated to artists: Sprigatito will turn into a magician resembling clowns and even gentleman thieves, Fuecoco will be based on singers and become four-legged, and Quaxly will apparently turn into a dancing peacock. Their final forms will be Herbal/Dark, Fiery/Ghostly and Watery/Combat accordingly.

The leaders claim that there are no new Pokemon fossils. In addition, no third legend has been confirmed, but it is rumored that the source of inspiration for the new Pokemon are dogs, frogs, dung beetles, flowers, a sushi-style dragon and even car engines or bicycles. There are also rumors about Pokemon based on dolphins and flamingos, two popular species have not yet been properly introduced in the series.

Tauros and Wooper will get the only regional variants in the game (the latter of which, as it turns out, is of the Poison/Ground type), while Primeape, Girafarig, Dunsparce and Bisharp will reportedly get new evolutions. Meanwhile, Jigglypuff, Amoongus, Misdreavus, Suicune, pseudo-legendary and unspecified Pokemon of the 2nd generation will receive completely new “Ancient Forms”, while Delibird, Gallade, Hariyama, as well as another unspecified Pokemon of the 2nd generation and pseudo-legendary will receive “Future forms”. It is indicated that the Volkarona has both an ancient and a future form.


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