All the rumors and leaks about Hideo Kojima’s overdose


It’s fair to say that Hideo Kojima is one of the most influential video game developers of all time. Having entered the scene with Metal Gear in 1987, Kojima created one of the very first examples of a stealth game. In his later releases, Kojima combined his deep passion for cinema with video games, creating some of the most advanced commercials of the time in the Metal Gear Solid series. Kojima has just announced that he will transfer his experience to Xbox in a project rumored to be called Overdose.

Announced during the Xbox and Bethesda demo, Hideo Kojima is working on a brand new intellectual property exclusively for Xbox Game Studios. After Kojima’s unsuccessful breakup with Konami many years ago, the visionary was given complete freedom in his projects and ideas, and Death Stranding was the first game to illustrate this. According to a fairly reputable leader, Kojima’s next project, Overdose, will be a horror game.

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Every overdose leak so far

Freelance writer Tom Henderson has gained notoriety over the past few years, especially over the past 12 months. Claiming to have a lot of industry insiders as sources, Henderson leaked a lot of details about a lot of upcoming games. In particular, Henderson revealed almost all the details of the gameplay of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 earlier than Infinity Ward. The last leak from Henderson occurred just a week or so ago, when some ominous gameplay footage was published.

Presumably sent to an insider via an unknown source, this gameplay footage shows the character walking down a creepy dark corridor, checking corners with a flashlight. The camera remained behind the main character, from the point of view of a third person, and the gameplay ended with a screamer, followed by a title card with the inscription “Hideo Kojima’s game… Overdose.”

Initially, this is all that Henderson revealed, but after the leak of the video, he wrote an article in which he told a few more details. In addition to mentioning that Kojima Productions asked him to remove the footage, Henderson also stated that Overdose can be played in both third and first person, and that the gameplay is controlled using a mobile phone. This seems to suggest that Overdose will use the cloud and allow players to stream and control the game through their phones, which Xbox has been trying to use for some time. Henderson also suggests that Margaret Qually, who played Mom in Death Stranding, plays a role in Overdose.

That’s all the fans know right now. It’s not much to go on, but it may mean that full disclosure will happen sooner rather than later. Kojima’s appearance at the Xbox and Bethesda trade show was usually met with disappointment rather than excitement, since the creator only announced that he was going to show and discuss the game soon, so it makes sense that Overdose will eventually be presented. From the point of view of reliability, Tom Henderson is a fairly authoritative source, but fans should still take the information with a high degree of skepticism, especially considering that the game is supposedly at an early stage of development.

At the same time, a third— or first-person horror game from Kojima Productions is quite an exciting concept. Although the demo was short, the infamous PT served as perfect proof that Kojima is more than capable of creating a terrifying horror experience, and since Kojima’s games often have at least a few creepy moments, it becomes clear that the industry icon is very passionate about the game. horror genre. Hopefully fans will learn more about Overdose soon.

There are rumors that an overdose is in development.