All The Recipes And Ingredients Of Resident Evil 8 Village


Resident Evil 8 Village: We tell you what are all the recipes of Resident Evil 8 Village and where are all its ingredients; fish, chicken, bird, beast and much more. In addition to upgrading your weapons, Resident Evil 8 Village also allows you to develop your character’s abilities through recipes prepared by the Duke in his store. Of course, for him to get down to business it is essential that you go hunting and get him the best food. In this section of our complete guide we tell you how to find all the recipes and ingredients.

All recipes from Resident Evil 8 Village

All recipes are unlocked simultaneously, although for that to happen you need to progress through the story. Specifically, until completing the Dimitrescu Castle and returning back to the village. From that point on, the Duke will open a new section in his store where you can find kitchen dishes. Next, the complete letter with all the recipes and their benefits.

Bird and beast pilaf
Benefits: reduced damage taken when blocking attacks
Ingredients: chicken (4) and beast (1)
Fish with herbs
Benefits: Increased a little permanent health
Ingredients: chicken (2) and fish (3)
Three Flavor Mititei
Benefits: moderate permanent health increase
Ingredients: chicken (2), beast (3) and fish (4)
Tochitura de pui
Benefits: increased permanent health increase
Ingredients: chicken (4), juicy bird (1) and beast (2)
Plague sarmale
Benefits: permanent speed increase
Ingredients: first class fish (1) and first class fish (6)
Ciorba of poc
Benefit: High damage reduction when blocking
Ingredients: beast (5), quality meat (1) and fish (1)


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