All the news about horror games at Gamescom Opening Night Live


Recently, horror games seem to be experiencing a real renaissance. With big names like Resident Evil releasing great games and remakes of beloved classics, or the return of fans of the space horror subgenre that hasn’t been seen since Dead Space 3, it’s fair to say that horror games are experiencing a kind of heyday. Fortunately, this trend seems to continue, as there is a lot of exciting news on Gamescom Opening Night Live.

Gamescom is the largest exhibition of its kind, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors. This is one of the main events of the summer, when developers make announcements for the coming years, and the biggest and best of them usually happens at Jeff Cayley’s opening night live. Due to the fact that E3 took a break this year, the expectation of Opening Night Live was even greater, and it certainly bore fruit, especially for horror fans.

Callisto Protocol

The most anticipated horror game (and one of the most anticipated games overall) of the year is the sci-fi survival horror The Callisto Protocol, inspired by Dead Space. A few months ago, fans saw some pretty creepy gameplay trailers during another major event of the Cayley season, Summer Game Fest. These messages were also accompanied by the announcement of the release date: the game will be released on December 2, 2022.

Gamescom Opening Night Live brought few but interesting news for eager fans. Glen Schofield, CEO of the Striking Distance developer studio and one of the creators of Dead Space, took to the stage to share new details about the game. The main topic was how The Callisto Project’s dismemberment system differs from its spiritual predecessor. Here the game presents an interesting mutation mechanics, in which enemies become stronger if they are not destroyed in time. The system was demonstrated in a terrifying new gameplay trailer, where one of the biophage enemies grows new appendages after the main character Jacob Lee tore off his head.

Dying Light 2: Blood Ties

The plot DLC for the open-world horror Dying Light 2 Stay Human has been in development for some time, but was postponed just a few months ago. Techland developer explained the delays by trying to add more features requested by the Dying Light 2 community. Fortunately, new details have emerged along with a bright new DLC trailer on Opening Night Live. The action of this first part, Bloody Ties, takes place before the end of the main game and is part of a five-year support plan for the game.

The trailer gives the impression that the expansion will be somewhat different from the darker horror themes of the main game. Bloody Ties takes place in Carnage Hall, an opera house that has become a battle arena where noisy gladiatorial fights take place. It seems that the main focus in Dying Light is on the human fighting side, not the undead. In fact, there are no zombies in the announced trailer. This, as well as a narrative that mentions “the deadliest species of all” as humans, points to interesting aspects of human horror that probably play a big role. The trailer ends with the announcement of a community update that adds features such as more wandering zombies and weapon performance changes to Dying Light 2.

Lords of the Fallen

A sequel to 2014’s Lords of the Fallen with a confusing title, The Lords of the Fallen is a soul—like role-playing game set in a medieval fantasy world similar to Dark Souls and Elden Ring. Almost a decade after the announcement, very little was known about the title, and development slowed down due to the poor reception of the original game. Lords of the Fallen had a bumpy path: it was passed on by numerous developers until it hit the Hexworks studio in 2020.

Several new details about The Lords of the Fallen were announced at Opening Night Live, but an official trailer was unveiled. The trailer, narrated by Joseph Quinn (Eddie Munson from “Very Strange Cases”), demonstrates the atmospheric world of terrible undead soldiers and mutilated monsters. Despite the fact that the game does not look too horror-oriented, it seems that it can occupy an intermediate position between elements of survival horror games and third-person role-playing games, like other games in the soul genre. That means it could be promising for horror game fanatics. However, to the disappointment of some, according to the trailer, The Lords of the Fallen will not receive the release of the previous generation.

The legacy of Hogwarts

Another game that suffers from consistent delays is the open—world role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy. Originally scheduled for this summer, the release date has been postponed several times, and is now expected early next year. Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the 19th century in the magical world of Harry Potter and tells about a fifth-year student who unravels the conspiracy of a group of dark wizards.


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