All the new dramas that premiere in October 2020


Get ready for the premieres of the dramas that will be released in October, save the date and live the best stories.

Korean entertainment is ready to take over your screen this Halloween month, October will be filled with stories of mystery, action, romance and drama. Save the date on your calendar and build your weekend marathons with all the new stories coming soon.

From plots where technology plays an important role, toxic relationships appear, supernatural creatures that will endanger the lives of soldiers, to mysterious events that have no explanation. The thirst for revenge, the search for love and success, as well as ambition and courage, will be important elements in each of these stories.

From the first days of October, the new dramas will arrive to conquer the fans, discover new plots, couples, magic, betrayals and more in all these premieres.


Private lives

It will arrive on October 7, it tells the life of Cha Joo Eun, a girl who is a con artist par excellence, she will get involved in the private affairs of the nation, in addition, she will advocate for ordinary people and with few opportunities like her. You will have to face a fight with the big corporations.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Also premiering on October 7, it will show the life of a talented pianist named Goo Ra Ra, but for some reason she ends up bankrupt, leading her to meet a humble boy with a warm heart at a music academy.


The tale of nine tailed

October will also start with the premiere of this drama, set the date on October 7. It will tell the story of a legendary 9-tailed fox known as a gumiho. He ruled the world of the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range, but now lives in the world of humans and his identity will be threatened by a paranormal-loving headmistress who will seek to trap him.


In mid-October (17), the story of a boy named Yong Dong Jin will arrive, a young man who is a dog trainer and is about to finish his military service; However, he is sent to the demilitarized zone, where a group of experts investigates the mysterious disappearances of the place and confronts supernatural creatures.

Star up

It also opens on October 17 and will tell the story of a girl named Seo Dal Mi, who aspires to be the next Steve Jobs, but does not have enough money, so she resigns from her academy to look for a job, soon after, she will meet a young owner of a technology company. Together they will discover the path to love.

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This story will arrive by the end of the month, on October 26. It will tell the story of a woman who will do her best to live a dignified life and earn her own pentouse, even if it means going against her principles and being a calculating and ambitious woman.


Terror will arrive on October 26 with this thriller that tells the story of Kim Seo Jin, a successful man with a perfect life, until his little daughter is kidnapped. Somehow, he will manage to contact a girl named Han Ae Ri to change the weather. She lives in the past and seeks money for her mother’s operation, who disappears out of nowhere.


The spy who loved me

Love will arrive on October 21 with the story of Jeon Ji Hoon, a secret Interpol agent who divorces his wife Kang Ah Reum, without her finding out his secret. However, when she marries a diplomat, who appears to be sweet and gentle, the protagonist will have to return to his life to face her ruthless husband and save his ex-girlfriend from danger.



This romance and mystery drama will take up the events of a village that happened 26 years ago, but that have caused mysterious events in the present and that surround the lives of the characters.

Please don’t meet the man

It narrates the life of Seo Ji Sung, a woman who aspires to know love, but does not want to fall with the wrong man, so she develops a program that helps to detect people who are bad and in that way saves others of having toxic relationships.

If I cheat, I die

It shows the life of a girl named Kang Yeo Joo who is a book writer, she always portrays her mystery plots with a mantis that punishes people who cheat. Her husband is a lawyer who has taken many oaths in court, but he does not seem to be entirely sincere, if he lies, he could die.

Get Revenge

It tells the life of Kang Hae Ra, a successful reporter who marries a man of great power and public influence; However, her status and reputation will be shattered when a scandal turns against her, so she will seek revenge against her ex-husband. She will also meet lawyer Cha Min Joon, who seeks revenge. after your family has a painful time.

My dangerous Wife

It opens on October 5 and will be about the life of Shim Jae Kyung, who apparently has a perfect marriage with chef Shim Jae Kyung; however, he is in an extramarital affair and is bored with it. Mysteriously, the protagonist will be involved in a kidnapping case. What secrets will the perfect wife hide?


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