All the Lee Min Ho movies that stole our hearts


Lee Min Ho made us fall in love with his characters in Korean dramas and movies, he knows all the roles of this charming actor.

Although still very young, Lee Min Ho has participated in numerous film and television productions that made our hearts steal and shine in front of our eyes, do you know all of his roles in the Asian drama?

Although the world of drama allows us to meet this acting star, the movies he is a part of also have great potential and every fan of this actor should see them at least once.

Here we tell you what all of the K-Dramas and movies this actor participated in bringing to life iconic characters that have captivated us.



In 1997, Lee Min Ho made his acting debut with the movie Repechage. This production tells the story of two people whose thirst for vengeance prevails after losing everything they value in their lives, but that will also create a bond between them.

Sees it

This is a romance and drama production that introduces us to a widowed woman, but life will surprise her as she can reconnect with her love of her past. Although a relationship begins between these two characters, a new child will appear in their lives and try to win the hero’s heart.

The ghost is alive

Pil Gi will take us to know the main character and the experience of moving to a new house where he meets natural phenomena that will try to get us out of there.

See Also


It’s a horror movie that presents a police investigation team who must discover what’s behind a murder case where the victim died in a very mysterious and incomprehensible way, but things will only get worse when more similar cases start to unfold.

Public Enemy Returns

The 2008 movie tells the story of a detective who wants to retire when he fails to find an answer to one of his investigations, but a new clue will emerge for this case and motivate him to continue his job.

Get up

In the same year, Lee Min Ho starred in a school tape about two of his friends who were punished for their school performances, but when one of them loses his romantic interest, they will do anything to stop this girl from dating someone else.

Our school E.T

While it means changing the personality of its teachers, it tells the story of a school that will have a twist in its teaching methods to assist students in their education.

Gangnam blues

Lee Min Ho returned to the big screen in 2015 with a movie set in which the protagonists participated in political conflicts in the 70s, but over time they will follow different paths that can cause problems.

Head hunters

The latest movie featuring Bounty Hunters Lee Min Ho is about a team of fortune-tellers who are highly skilled at acting and getting away from him.

If you are a fan of this actor, you should also know Lee Min Ho’s most romantic scenes in Korean dramas.


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