All The Evolutions By Exchange And objects In Legends Pokémon Arceus


Pokémon: We review all the Pokémon that evolve either through exchange or with their alternative object to play alone. Complete list. Pokémon Legends Arceus has become one of the favorite games for fans of the Pokémon universe. Its approach as an Action RPG, real-time capture mechanics and exploration in huge open environments have allowed us to get to know the vast Hisui region. In addition, the game does not require any type of connection with other players to complete Hisui’s Pokédex (full list of Pokémon here), but we can capture and evolve all the species alone. In this article we tell you which are the Pokémon that evolve by exchange and their alternative object to avoid it in Pokémon Arceus Legends.

All Pokémon that evolve by trade or alternate item

Again, all of these Pokémon will evolve by trading with another Arceus Pokémon Legends user, regardless of their level. However, if we prefer, it is also possible to opt for these evolutionary objects, which we can buy for Gratitude Points at the Villa Jubileo barter post (we can also get them at the Space-time Distortions).

All the evolutions by exchange and objects in Legends Pokémon Arceus

Alakazam: evolution of Kadabra if we equip Union Cord or after an exchange.
Machamp: Machoke evolution if we equip Union Cord or after a trade.
Golem: evolution of Graveler if we equip Union Cord or after an exchange.
Gengar: evolution of Haunter if we equip Union Cord or after a trade.
Electivire: evolution of Electabuzz if we equip Electrizador or after a trade.
Magmortar: evolution of Magmar if we equip Magmatizer or after a trade.
Porygon2: evolution of Porygon if we equip Upgrade or after a trade.
Porygon-Z: evolution of Poryzon2 if we equip Strange Disk or after a trade.
Dusknoir: evolution of Dusclops if we equip Terrible Cloth or after an exchange.
Weavile: evolution of Sneasel (from Johto) if we equip Sharp Claw at night or after a trade.
Sneasler: evolution of Sneasel (from Hisui) if we equip Mej Sharp Claw during the day or after an exchange.
Gliscor: evolution of Gligar if we equip Sharp Fang or after a trade.
Steelix: evolution of Onix if we equip Metallic Coating or after a trade.
Scizor: evolution of Scyther if we equip Metallic Coating or after a trade.
Kleavor: evolution of Scyther if we equip Black Ore or after an exchange.
Ursaluna: evolution of Ursaring if we equip Peat Block during the night with a full moon in the Crimson Pantanal or after an exchange.
Rhyperior: Rhydon evolution if we equip Protector or after a trade.