All The Actors Who Have Played Spider-Man In The Cinema Until No Way Home


Spider-Man: In addition to Tom Holland in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we take a look at who Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are and what they mean for Spider-Man. Spider-Man: No Way Home arrives exclusively in cinemas around the world this December 16, 2021, a very special moment for both the saga and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which finds its climax in a truly revolutionized Phase 4 for the imminent arrival of the multiverse. Tom Holland is the focus of all eyes due to his status as the protagonist; the third film starring the young Briton in the MCU; added to his participation in Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. But what other actors have played Spider-Man? We talk about them.

Tobey Maguire, the trigger for a mass phenomenon

The first Spider-Man trilogy in modern cinema takes us back to 2002. A then young Californian actor, Tobey Maguire, was chosen by Sam Raimi’s team to become Peter Parker and thus embody the mythical superhero Stan Lee and Steve Ditko born 1962.

The result was no other than an absolute commercial success: Spider-Man (2002) revolutionized the concept of the superhero on the big screen and gained followers all over the world; added to the explosion of merchandising through toys, t-shirts, video games … and yes, also the comic universe, which at that time was experiencing a small rebound thanks to the birth of the Ultimate universe, where Brian Michael Bendis renewed from top to bottom the figure of the Wall-crawler accompanied in the unforgettable initial stage of Mark Bagley on the brushes.