All Shinto Shrines; location in Ghost of Tsushima


We detailed the location of all Shinto Shrines and their rewards in the form of talismans in Ghost of Tsushima, now available on PS4.

A Ghost of Tsushima we will find a large number of collectible items or locations to discover on the island. Examples of this are the Haikus and their corresponding tapes or the training bamboos. This time we are dealing with one of the most interesting: the Shinto shrines. Both for their reward in the form of special talismans and for how interesting it is to reach them when passing through a section of platforms. Because it can be somewhat difficult to find the 16 totals (to do this we have to look at the Torii arches, through which to advance to the sanctuary), below and as part of this complete guide we detail their location in each one of the three Tsushima regions.

Location of all Izuhara Shinto Shrines and their rewards

  • Sanctuary of the Golden Temple: near the Golden Temple, starting from the south of the city to head east and find it. As a reward, we get the Amaterasu Talisman, which returns a moderate amount of health when we finish off enemies.
  • Komoda Shrine: In the northern part of Kukai Falls (at the northwest end of the lake, the entrance of which is near two moss-covered frog statues). We obtain the talisman from Mizu-No-Kami.
  • Komoda Shrine 2: On the west coast of Kashine we find this “Stone Dragon Shrine”. We need the iron hook to go all the way and get Susanoo’s talisman (adds 30% chance to knock enemies down).
  • Hiyoshi Shrine: on the coast of Isonade, to the east, after overcoming a series of platforms located on the rock cliff. We get the Okunninushi talisman, which slowly recovers our health while out of action.
  • Azamo Sanctuary: between the archer’s ascent and the Sakimori viewpoint. It is called an “arrowhead sanctuary”, so it is located on top of a mountain. We obtained the Inari Talisman, which increases the amount of resources, predator skins, bamboo, and yew wood that you receive when collecting.
  • Komatsu Shrine: called “of the plum blossom”. We obtain the Kagu-Tsuchi Talisman, which allows us to inflict additional damage when we have life at 50% or less.
  • Tsutsu Shrine: South from Komatsu’s Forge we will reach this mountain shrine, for which we need the iron hook (we got it in Act 1 of the story). We obtain the Izanagi talisman, which contributes 40% of recovering the arrows if we hit the head shot.
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Location of all Toyotama Shinto Shrines and their rewards

  • Akashima Sanctuary: near the firefly swamp, shortly after entering the Toyotama region. To get to the sanctuary we must turn to the right with respect to the initial sign and we will come to some handholds through which we can climb. We obtain Izanami’s Talisman, which expands the “iron will” ability to be unlocked in the skill tree, rewarding us with 50% of our maximum health when we spend two determination squares to revive.
  • Kushi Shrine: near the Urashima village on the east coast. We climb from the coast to finish reaching the top, where the Azumi-No-Isora talisman awaits us as a reward, which offers a silencing effect to our arrows.
  • Kushi 2 Sanctuary: near the hills of old Toyotama we find this sanctuary of the “Turtle Rock”. As a reward we get the Hoori-No-Mikoto talisman, which allows us to remain hidden while slaying enemies from the tall grass.
  • Yarikawa Shrine: north of the rebel stronghold and on the right hand side of Yarikawa fortress. We get the Shinatsuhiko Talisman in return, which makes us immune to melee attacks for 6 seconds after killing an enemy.
  • Otsuna Shrine: at the top of Yoshinaka Bay. We get Ryuujin’s talisman, which allows us to get a kunai every time we dodge perfectly.
  • Umugi Sanctuary: south of the equinox flower field, covered by red flowers. To get there, we have to climb a nearby rock with the help of the iron hook. We get Tsukuyomi’s talisman in return, which causes killed enemies to drop more ammo or supplies.


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