All rumors and leaks about Genshin Impact Kaveh


Genshin Impact recently released the first batch of new playable characters, all of which are based in Twilight, but even before the first 5-star tignari Dendro was able to complete its time-limited banner, people were already talking about potential playable characters like Kave. . This naturally included already announced characters such as Nilou, Tsino and Dehya. Nevertheless, according to rumors, Kave remains a big topic for discussion.

Genshin Impact’s leaders have been working hard to figure out who he is and his overall set. So it is not surprising that there is already a lot of information about Kaveh on the web. As usual, these leaks are not final and should not be taken as fact, but give food for thought.

Everything that is known about Genshin Impact Kaveh at the moment

Kave is one of the leaked Genshin Impact characters who has not yet appeared in the game. Most of them are related to his knowledge, and little about his kit, but insiders claim that he will be a male dendro user. His weapons and his rating are still unknown.

Kave is also primarily associated with the NPC Alhaitam. According to knowledge leaks, Kave was a high school student of Alhaitam when they were still students. Presumably, he graduated from Kshahrevar, a school at the Sumeru Academy that studies technology, architecture and puzzle solving.

With his knowledge, he built the Alcazarzaray Palace, a sumptuous structure at Dusk owned by Dori. Neelu notes that he must have enjoyed building such a magnificent palace. Meanwhile, Dori’s remark reveals that it was she who lent Kava the Mora he needed to build the palace. This arouses the suspicion of a cunning merchant, given that Kave got into trouble after running an errand for Dori.

After the construction of the palace, Kave got into debt, so Alhaitam allowed him to stay in his house. The two are probably living together in Genshin Impact events. However, Kave has problems with Alhaitam. Colley’s remark confirms this when she tells the player about how Tsino invited Kave to his house for lunch. Then Kave “non-stop” ranted about how “difficult and stubborn” Alhaitam was. Colley notes that he led most of the conversation at dinner, and she could only nod and try to restrain laughter.

Tsino’s remark on Kaveh also has to do with this party. According to him, he noticed that Tignari and Colley seemed to prefer funny stories to Kava to his jokes. But while Tsino struggles to make humorous jokes, Kave has also reportedly taken up a new hobby in which he is not strong — stage magic. It’s unclear why he suddenly decided to try stage magic, but later quests may shed some light on this issue.

Unofficial Art Genshin Impact Kaveh

For artists in the Genshin Impact community, it has become a trend to draw unreleased characters in the hope of getting as close as possible to official art. This is facilitated by popular liqueurs such as Blank, hxg_diluc and SYP, which evaluate unofficial art by how close it is to the source material. For example, the community saw a very accurate unofficial image of Candice before she was announced, and there are also some for the leaked Genshin Impact character Miki.

Kave “Fanart” from an artist who made a suspiciously accurate “Fanart” of Ayato 2 months before the drip marketing of Ayato from Genshin_Impact_Leaks

Recently, waternaeng tweeted his image of Kaveh from Genshin Impact, and the leaders were amazed that the fan art seems to be very close to the official look. SYP thought it was suspiciously close, while hxg_diluc gave it 8.5 out of 10. It’s interesting to note here that this is the same artist who painted an almost identical Ayato two months before his official art came out. So far, this is all the community knows about Kava, but players are looking forward to details about his set and possible release date.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is under development.


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