All rewards of Apex Legends Season 7: Battle Pass


On the occasion of the start of the seventh season, called Ascent, which starts this November 4, we review the new battle pass and its news.

Apex Legends Season 7, called Ascent, begins this November 4 worldwide. The free battle royale game (free to play) from Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment aims to maintain its great form in the final season of 2020. PS4, Xbox One and PC players can now get this Battle Pass , which includes many new features; aside from the new legend, new vehicle and new map.

As we have reviewed in this article, where we were able to test the Olympus map and the new legend, Horizon, along with the patch notes of Apex Legends Season 7, the team at Respawn Entertainment wanted to provide the game with quality improvements life so that the daily experience is increasingly polished and satisfying. This Season 7 also includes a new vehicle, Trident, the arrival on Steam, clubs, qualifiers, as well as a limited time mode and the Battle Pass, which is what concerns us now.

Price: How much does the Season 7 Battle Pass cost?

As it has been since the launch of Apex Legends about two years ago, the Apex Legends Battle Pass maintains its price in this Season 7. We talk about more than 100 new exclusive items, legendary skins, the Apex pack, screens of cargo, music packs and more benefits. All for a total price of 950 Apex Coins; that to the change they come to be about 9.50 euros.

In this article, we review what Apex Legends coins are and what types we have available to spend in the game. First, the Apex Coins, the premium currency that has to be purchased with real money; gives access to the purchase of Apex packs, items in the Battle Shop or legends.

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1,000 Apex Coins – € 9.99
2,000 Apex Coins (+150 extra) – € 19.99
4,000 Apex Coins (+350 extra) – € 39.99
6,000 Apex Coins (+700 extra) – € 59.99
10,000 Apex Coins (+1,500 extra) – € 99.99


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