All returned Bayonetta 3 characters have been confirmed (for now)


The Bayonetta 3 gameplay reveal trailer introduced some new faces to the cast and brought back some returning ones as well. The new Bayonetta 3 release date trailer shows a whole host of returning characters. Alongside Bayonetta, familiar faces like fellow witch Jeanne and demonic weaponsmith Rodin are confirmed to be coming back.

Bayonetta 3 sees the cast fighting a new multiversal threat that threatens to not only swallow their world but every other world as well. Having come under attack by the half-human Homunculi, Bayonetta teams with new and returning characters including alternate versions of herself to combat this menace. Fortunately for her, the returning cast at least has a proven track record that should prove useful in her battle against the Homunculi.

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Besides the eponymous Bayonetta, the regular cast of returning characters appears to be joining along for the ride. Having been alongside Bayonetta for the events of Bayonetta 1 and 2, these characters are her support group and offer help that affects both the narrative and gameplay. While details are still light on their role in Bayonetta 3, and more characters may show up in the game once it releases, these are the returning characters confirmed to be in the upcoming Nintendo title so far.

The Romantic Luka Swings In To Bayonetta 3

Luka has been a prominent character since the first Bayonetta. As a journalist, he is very well-informed about the backstory of whatever plot is currently being explored and is a good source for those needing a recap of the Bayonetta story. In the first Bayonetta, Luka is initially wary of Bayonetta – who he believed killed his father. However, over time he realized that this was not true and helped Bayonetta protect her younger self from Baldur. In Bayonetta 2, he returns with information about the mystery of the plot in his attempt to help Bayonetta save Jeanne from Inferno and ends up helping Bayonetta protect the child-like Loki. While not a fighter, Luka is capable and often rescues side characters while Bayonetta is otherwise indisposed. His impeccable timing and grappling hook have been remarkable assets to Bayonetta’s team.

Luka’s role in Bayonetta 3 has not been fully revealed but it does seem to be related to Viola, a new character in Bayonetta 3. Their dialogue in the gameplay trailer suggests a familiarity and Viola’s summon, Cheshire, shares its name with the playful pet name Bayonetta has given Luka. While this relationship has not been revealed, players should expect to learn a bit more about Luka and how exactly he relates to the enigmatic Viola.

Notorious Weaponsmith Rodin Returns in Bayonetta 3

The enigmatic Rodin will also be making a return appearance for Bayonetta 3. The owner of the bar The Gates of Hell, Rodin has traditionally taken the role of weaponsmith for both Bayonetta and Jeanne as he crafts weapons from demonic souls in exchange for angelic halos. However, this belies his true power. A former ruler of the heavenly Paradiso, Rodin is secretly a fallen angel and a being of immense power that usually serves as a secret boss.

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Despite this, Rodin usually takes a minor role in the story. However, the Bayonetta 3 trailer reveals he may know a bit more about the multiverse that Bayonetta 3 appears to touch upon. Despite knowing of its existence, he is seemingly unaware of the multiversal threat that is ravaging the world. Nevertheless, his knowledge may set him up to be a bigger character in Bayonetta 3, more than in any of its predecessors. However, he is most likely to retain his weaponsmith role and may be useful in elaborating more on Bayonetta 3’s new Demon Masquerade power.

Enzo The Comic Relief Was Spotted In The Bayonetta 3 Trailer

Enzo is another face returning from the first Bayonetta game. Often a comic relief character, Enzo nevertheless has been a faithful ally to Bayonetta. He is often relegated to doing dirty work such as digging graves, carrying packages, and flying a plane. His proximity to Bayonetta often puts him in danger, which is usually played for comedic effect. Enzo does not play a big role in the story and is usually not seen again after the opening acts of both Bayonetta games. His appearance in the Bayonetta 3 trailer was brief but does show he will be returning in some capacity for the upcoming third entry.

Fellow Witch Jeanne Is Back In Bayonetta 3

Easily the most prominent returning character, Jeanne is a fellow witch and possesses many of the same powers Bayonetta has. Jeanne has become a major player in the story of Bayonetta. In the first game, she was initially an antagonist before snapping out of her mind control and helping Bayonetta defeat Jubileus. In Bayonetta 2, she is killed early on prompting Bayonetta to journey to the hellish Inferno to save her, interestingly enough sparking a kaiju battle like those seen in Bayonetta 3. Besides being narratively important, Jeanne has also been a playable character since the first Bayonetta.

Jeanne’s role in Bayonetta 3 is also looking to be similarly prominent. She has been revealed to be speaking with a scientist named Sigurd who is trying to reach the alpha verse. Whatever this means is unknown but given the plot of Bayonetta 3, it can be presumed that she will help allow Bayonetta to access the multiverse. Potentially, this will lead to alternate versions of Jeanne as well.

These are all the characters currently confirmed for Bayonetta 3, but that does not preclude others. For instance, Loki, Baldur, and Rosa are prominent characters that have appeared in the previous games but have not been confirmed for Bayonetta 3 at the time of this writing. Additionally, the introduction of the multiverse potentially means there will be multiple versions of the same character appearing in Bayonetta 3, much like has been confirmed for Bayonetta already. However, it is too early to speculate about further appearances. For now, these characters are the only ones confirmed to be returning for Bayonetta 3.



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