All premiere series and movies on Netflix August 2020


When we are about to change months, it is always time to review the premieres that VOD video on demand services will bring for the next one.

Yesterday we already saw the content that Netflix will remove from its catalog this week, but today it is time to take a look at the new series and movies that the platform will premiere as part of its new content for August 2020. A less intense month in terms of number of releases -It is not the madness that was the first week of last July-, but with 21 new series.

To start a series that has earned its cult halo: Lucifer, who after being on the brink of cancellation returns with a penultimate 5th season divided into two parts of which we will see the first one just at the end of August. We also have the T3 of the High Seas, with its family secrets, murders and even love stories on a luxury ship from the 1940s that travels from Spain to Brazil.

The ‘depressing’ series docureality Sunset: The Golden Mile also returns, and we say depressing ’because that is what comes to us when we see the super luxury mega-mansions that these real estate agents sell throughout Los Angeles. And after starting his path on YouTube Red, the unexpected surprise that was the series Cobra Kai, based on the cult title 80s and icon of popular culture Karate Kid, finds his new home on Netflix.

And as for cinema, we have the premieres of Bumblebee, the prequel to the Transformers saga, and La Monja, the spin off of the terrifying saga Warren File, which leads us to tell the beginning of the most terrifying character in that universe in a film with a couple of good scares, a great atmosphere and a great fanservice ending scene.

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And whoever looks for more terror will have it in Slender Man, the adaptation of the popular character born on the SomethingAwful forums a decade ago and converted by work and magic online into the first great myth and Urban Internet Legend, which has even inspired real acts of teenage murder.


August 4
Sam Jay: 3 in the morning, season 1

6 August
The Seven Deadly Sins, season 4

The Rain, season 3

7 August
Alta Mar, season 3

Sunset: the golden mile, season 7

The New Mono Legends, Season 2

Word party: songs, season 1

Nailed it Mexico, season 2

To sing! Germany, season 1

Selling Sunset, season 3

10 August
The Big Show Show, special episode

August 14
The Robbery of the Century, season 1

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story, Season 1

3%, season 4

Glow Up, season 2

Teenage Bounty Hunters, season 1

August 20
Biohackers, season 1

August 21
Lucifer, season 5 Part 1

August 25
Cleptómanas, season 2

27 August
Aggretsuko, season 3

August 28
Cobra Kai, seasons 1 and 2


1 August
Supermonsters: The New Class

August 2

3 August
Slender Man

August 4
The nun

The Malibu Watchers: The New Wave

August 5
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend

7 August
Wizards: tales of arcadia

Work It: To the rhythm of dreams

August 14
Power Project

19 August
Family crimes

August 21
Black fire

August 28
Secret Origins


August 2

3 August
Immigration Nation

August 5
Where do the most wanted hide?

Anelka: the misunderstood

7 August
Tiny Creatures

19 August
High score

August 20
John Was Trying to Contact Aliens


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