All Park Bo Gum Dramas and Things You Should Know


Park Bo Gum’s performance in different dramas and movies managed to captivate us, don’t miss any of the productions in which he has participated.

The Record Of Youth protagonist has built an important career in the world of K-Dramas and movies, this boy worked to get his talent recognized and gradually got better roles that showed us his talent.

The actor born on June 16, 1993 is also a model, singer, and MC. Although in all these facets he has shown his charisma and skills, there is no doubt that his appearance giving life to film and television characters is what most fascinates us to see him.

If you are a fan of Park Bo Gum, there are some productions you must see to consider yourself an expert on his career. Below we will tell you about some series and films that you can enjoy while you get to know more about this boy, although he is not the protagonist of all of them, it will allow you to visualize his evolution to the present.



Hero was the first K-Drama in which Park Bo Gum participated, it is an OCN production that premiered in 2012. This series shows a scenario in South Korea in the future, where corruption has taken over the city, But a new hero will emerge

Bridal Mask

That same year he filmed with KBS the drama Bridal Mask, a historical series with an action touch about Gaksital, a boy who becomes a hero during the time of the Japanese occupation.

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Still Cut

Hyun Soo always dreamed of working in the media. This dream will lead him to reconnect with his first love, but he will be surprised when he discovers that they are competing for a position.

Wonderful Mama

Bok Hee has worked as a moneylender and thus has created an estate for his children, when he discovers that he suffers from Alzheimer’s, he decides that it is time for his children to mature and become responsible people.

Wonderful Days

Dong Suk was a boy who was easily ashamed of his family, he leaves home and works hard until he becomes a successful prosecutor, it is then that years later he returns home and begins to value his loved ones and the time by his side.

Tomorrow Cantabile

A drama about a music school where students pursue their dream of becoming talents in their country, but they will have to deal with some difficulties as musicians and also in their respective personal lives.


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