All Of Us Are Dead: Fans Create Theories About Missing Characters; look!


The Korean series All Of Us Are Dead has reached the end of its first season and has established itself as one of the most famous series currently on Netflix.

Among the various events at the end of the show, the disappearance of Lee Byeong-chan and the possible death of Lee Cheong-san are leaving fans increasingly intrigued.

So, many viewers started to theorize about what really happened to these characters and, to let you know everything, we separated the main information. Check out!

What happened to Beyong-chan and Cheong-san in All Of Us Are Dead?

The end of this success among the zombie series brought a time jump and new directions for this universe, but fans remain intrigued about what happened to some characters in the series.

The first arc that is leading viewers to develop a series of theories is that of Cheong-san, who ends up sacrificing himself to save his friends from the bomb that the military would drop where they were.

In this way, the character is seen thrown among a bunch of zombies and this made everyone believe that he would be dead, but the young man became known in this production for surviving near-death experiences a few times and, therefore, many believe that he may, yes, have come out alive and that it is still too early to draw conclusions.

Professor Beyong-Chan’s disappearance is also leaving All of Us Are Dead lovers quite intrigued, since it was revealed that the character would have developed the zombie virus and, in one of the episodes, he ends up being bitten by one of the creatures. .

Despite being bitten, Beyong-chan still has part of her consciousness intact, very similar to what happened to Choi Nam-ra, but the character ends up disappearing from the episodes of the work after this event.

The fact that the professor managed to keep his conscience made fans of the series believe that he would be hosting a mutation of the virus and that, in a possible continuation, the character could play an essential role in the plot.

However, Netflix has not yet confirmed the renewal of the series and you can take the opportunity to review the show and create your own theories about the future of the characters!