All new game characters are shown in the demo version of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes


The upcoming musou-style fighting game and Fire Emblem spin-off, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, recently released a free demo in the Nintendo Switch eShop. The demo, which allows players to complete the first four chapters of all three routes of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, surprised fans not only with its duration, but also with the introduction of several new game characters. These include both returning characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and others appearing for the first time.

Earlier, a series of four trailers confirmed that all students of the houses “Black Eagles”, “Blue Lions”, “Golden Deer” and “Ash Wolves” will be able to play in “Three Hopes”. However, the demo confirmed that other characters, including teachers of the Garreg Mach Officer Academy and members of the Knights of Seiros, can also be played. Three new playable characters appear in the Scarlet Blaze route, and one new character each appears in the Azure Gleam and Golden Wildfire routes.

Monica von Ochs (Scarlet Blaze)

It is finally confirmed that the mysterious Monica can be played, starting with the demo version of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes after several trailers hinting at her inclusion. Monica is a member of the minor noble family Oks from the Addrestian Empire and a former member of the House of the Black Eagle in the Officer Academy. She was abducted by an antagonist named Kronya, who killed and replaced her in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. “Three Hopes” changes her story, forcing the students to save Monica in the second chapter of the game’s plot. She then becomes a playable character on the Scarlet Flame Branch starting in Chapter 3. Monica has the Junior Coat of Arms of Makuila and specializes in wind magic, and her primary class is a Monk.

Manuela Casagranda (Scarlet Blaze)

Manuela is a former opera star, a skilled healer and instructor at the Garrega Mach Officer Academy. In the Scarlet Blaze branch, she joins the army of Edelgard to manage the infirmary of the army of the Addrestian Empire, and can be played for starting from Chapter 4. Manuela previously appeared as a playable character in all four branches of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. As in the previous title, Manuela primarily focuses on healing magic that can restore the health of her enemies in battle. Manuel’s primary class is a Priest, which makes her one of the few characters in the game who start from the middle rather than the primary class.

Jeritza von Hrim (Scarlet Flame)

Masked weapons instructor Eritsa von Hrim, real name Emil von Bartels, emerged as a purely antagonistic figure in The Three Houses—a deadly death knight, a terrifyingly high-level enemy that players had to face if they hoped to obtain rare Dark Seal items. In a later DLC update, Jeritsa could be played on the Crimson Flower route. In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, he appears on the battlefield as an NPC in the 2nd chapter of all branches and becomes available for play from the 4th chapter of the Scarlet Blaze branch. He begins the game wielding Raphael’s Sacred Weapon, but is classified as a Cavalier rather than his unique Death Knight class from the original game.

Rodrigue Fraldarius (Azure Radiance)

The father of Felix’s Blue Lion House member, Rodrigue Fradalrius, was previously presumed dead or absent from The Three Hopes due to Felix’s new outfit resembling him. Instead, Rodrigue is very lively and appears as a playable character starting from Chapter 4 of the Azure Gleam branch. Rodrigue cedes his former position as Duke of Fraldarius to his son Felix so that he can better focus on supporting Dimitri as a member of his army. In combat, Rodrigue is an equestrian cavalier and has a complex but enjoyable special attack that deals additional damage if the player can execute a series of precisely timed attacks.

Shamir Nevrand (Golden Wildfire)

An archer originally associated with the Church of Seiros, in Fire Emblem: Three Houses Shamir was one of the few characters that could be played on all four routes. She is a stoic character with mercenary tendencies and little loyalty to any faction, although she did mentor the young orphan Cyril. In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, Shamir begins the game as a Knight of Seiros, but later ends his contract with the Church to fight Claude’s army and support the Leicester Alliance. She can be played for starting from Chapter 4 of the Golden Wildfire branch, and she again demonstrates her considerable archery skills when used in combat.

With only a few weeks left until the release of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, fans are eagerly waiting to see which other Three Houses characters may return, as well as whether any brand new fighters will appear. Among the unconfirmed returning characters from The Three Houses are several members of the Seiros Church—Catherine, Setet, Flane, Gilbert, Alois and Cyril, as well as Manuela’s colleague, Professor Hanneman. Some of these characters appear in the demo as NPCs, while others are completely absent.