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Netflix: We are July 1, a new month starts and with it 4 weeks of new series, films, documentaries and specials. At Betech we have gathered all the premieres of six platforms -Netflix, HBO Spain, Movistar +, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Apple TV + – in a single news item, and with links so that you can see the complete list of premieres. Let’s start, there are literally hundreds of titles to show:


Netflix this month has almost a hundred new series and movies, including darn geek and geek stuff. And we start with the series of the month, the nostalgic eighties revival of one of the symbols of popular culture of that era: He-Man, which returns with Masters of the Universe: Revelation, an exclusive animated series from Netflix that brings back the particular universe that played to mix both Sword and Witchcraft and Science Fiction.

And he does it with one of the best trailers of the year, the quintessential nerdy guru Kevin Smith reaching out and a brutal voice cast: Mark Hamill (voice of the Joker in Batman Animated Series or Arkham Asylum games) as Skeletor, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Teela, Kevin Conroy (voiced by Batman in Batman Animated Series or the Arkham Asylum games) as Mer-Man, and Lena Heady (300, Dredd, Game of Thrones) as Evil-Lyn.

Another premiere, and very gamer, is that of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness: In parallel to Paul WS Anderson’s hated / loved feature film saga with Milla Jovovich, Capcom produced up to three CGI films that told canon stories in the video game saga using as iconic characters like Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and his sister Claire. Netflix brings us Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a CGI series that falls between the Resident Evil 4 and RE 5 games that have Leon and Claire hunting the undead in a very curious setting: The White House.

And if you are looking for something different, a national premiere with season 2 of Sky Rojo: We have barely had time to see the first season, and the speedica road movie of escape that is Sky Rojo returns this month with a second season in which the girls they keep trying to escape their old environment. Coral, Wendy and Gina are back, and so is the twisted humor and action of this series.

As for cinema, there is everything, highlighting the premieres of the teen slasher trilogy La Calle del Terror, which despite adapting a series of books by young author R.L. Stine -Nightmares-, are three films with the R for over 18s due to their gore content. The best thing is that the three films have the same protagonists and setting, but each one changes from year to year. And to top it off Red Blood Sky, with a mix as strange as it is great for the summer: Air kidnappings, maternal drama and vampires, all at the same time.


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