All memory cells in the tramp


In the first chapters of Stray, the charming cat protagonist teams up with a small flying robot named B12, who helps them travel through a dangerous new world populated only by robots to reunite with their family. However, going through the twelve chapters of the game, the player will discover that the lost B12 memory can be gradually restored by finding collectible Memories scattered throughout the richly detailed cyberpunk city of the Tramp.

In total, 27 memories can be collected in Stray, and they can be found starting from Chapter 4: Slums. In most of the subsequent chapters there will be several collectible memories that players can find, usually in the wilderness. Quite convenient for players who don’t like to spend a lot of time searching for collectibles in every corner of the game world, all the memories are surrounded by green pixels, which makes them hard to miss. However, it can be difficult to get them, especially considering that there is no shortage of dangers and dangers in Stray.

At the moment, Stray is causing a lot of positive reviews due to its richly detailed world, melancholic tone and history, which, by all accounts, is quite sweet and meaningful. Since B12 accompanies the fearless cat in the game for most of the game, players must actively search for collectibles of memories in each chapter so that B12 can offer additional context to the story of the Tramp’s world.

All B12 memory cells are in standby mode

Stray offers several useful tools to help the player keep track of their collectibles. Memories can be tracked on the “Memories” tab in the B12 game menu, and if the player selects “Chapter Selection” in the main menu, he can also see if he missed any memories in each chapter. However, most of them are not hard to find:

All memory locations in Stray Chapter Four

The action of the fourth chapter of Stray takes place after the player first helped B12 and put on a special Stray cat harness, which can be found as part of the new official Stray product line. In the fourth chapter there are 7 memories:

When you meet the Keeper, turn around and go to the bar with a red neon sign. Go up to the lower roof, go to the left and climb over to find the memory of the robot’s body. Be sure to return to the lower roof and follow the pipe to your left, climb up to the roof and walk past the sleeping robot, heading down to find an energy drink vending machine. Go back to the bar and climb the stairs. stairs to find a memory at the table in front of you. Exit the bar and return to where the chapter started, then turn around. Go back and climb the first staircase to your left to find graffiti reading RIP Humans with memory attached. Much of the excellent design of the Stray world stems from the developers’ fascination with the former fortress city of Kowloon, so the player can often find collectibles in secluded alleys and hidden corners. Be sure to take an energy drink from the vending machine. Go back to the Guardian and turn left using the vending machine on the right to get an energy drink. Turn around and climb onto the dumpster in the alley right in front of the vending machine. Climb up to find a small mural with a smiling robot to find a memory. Walk past the bar by turning left. Immediately to the right is Elliot Programming. Scratch the door to get in and go upstairs. The plants to the left of the stairs have a memory. Go to the right of the Guardian to find the merchant in the market. Exchange three energy drinks for another memory. The real cats that inspired the main character of the Tramp cannot do this, but it is necessary to get this memory. Follow your goal to Momo’s house. Before interacting with him, go to his bedroom behind him and interact with the artwork on the wall.

All memory locations in the fifth chapter of Stray

In the fifth chapter there are 3 memories that need to be collected:

The first one appears after the player has evaded the first two groups of hostile Zurks. Following the path leads the player up the pipe, where a memory will appear right in front of him on a flickering sign. Once the player reaches the second floor of an abandoned skyscraper, he must go to the back of the second floor to find the Neco Corporation sign. with a memory attached. The last memory in chapter five is automatically at the end of the chapter.

All memory locations in Stray Chapter Six

There are no memoir collectibles in chapter six.

All memory locations in Stray Chapter Seven

Unfortunately, the delayed release of Stray seems to have allowed the developers to polish the indirect combat in the game, which comes into play in the seventh chapter. In the seventh chapter there are 3 memories that need to be collected:

At the beginning of the chapter, the player will find himself at a T-shaped intersection. Turn left to find a memory on a metal door in a dead end.