All MegaMan Battle Network 3: Exclusive Blue and white version


To the delight of many fans, Capcom has finally announced the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection in the Nintendo Direct Partner program. It will include all six major games of the Mega Man Battle Network and the subsequent Game Boy Advance, as well as both versions of the Battle Network 3 and subsequent. A number of spin-offs are excluded from this collection, and the fate of the Mega Man Star Force trilogy remains uncertain, but what is in the full package is worth celebrating, no matter what.

The digital version of the Mega Man Fighting network collection, the legacy collection will be divided into two parts: the first will contain online battles from 1 to 3, and the second network battles — from 4 to 6. The last package contains technically two more games than the first, but like the Pokemon games that inspired them, between there are not many differences between the versions. Those who get into the Mega Man Battle Network series for the first time, or veterans who want to return to an alternative version, may be wondering what the difference is in these titles. They are best illustrated by the version difference between the Mega Man 3 Combat Network in White and the Mega Man 3 Combat Network in Blue.

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Strange Creature Battle Net White and Blue

Battle Network 3 was the first entry in the Mega Man Battle Network series to use two versions. “The Star Power of Mega Man”. This encouraged groups of friends to diversify their purchases and exchange battle chips that they could not get otherwise. For European and Western players, it looks like an initiative to double the qualities of the Pokemon with which the Combat Network was developed. However, initially this was not the case.

The initial Japanese release of the Rockman EXE3 Battle Network in December 2002 was a standalone game. At the end of March 2003, the second version of the Rockman EXE3 Black Combat Network was released. The original game was released outside Japan as Mega Man Battle Network 3 White, and Black was localized as Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue. As in later alternate versions, Black exchanged some battle chips, chip codes, one boss and one shape change, and also made a number of cosmetic changes. However, Black did not follow the Pokemon traditions; Rather, he supported the trend at Capcom to release updated versions with new content.

The main differences between the versions of Mega Man Battle Network 3

The differences between the White and Blue versions of Online Battles 3 start with small things, such as color differences in different menus and objects, some standard battle chips have unique codes for each version, and stores have different inventories. The main differences are the bosses and the high-end BN3 equipment. Combat network White “Fog Man” No. 2 “Serenade”, “Blue” Bowman. More notable is the appearance of Mr. Famous and his NetNavi Punk, in which older fans can recognize one of the Mega-Man Killers from the Game Boy platformers. This is not the only fighting game in which a Punk is present, since Mr. Famous is replaced by his assistant, who gives hints, in white. Despite the fact that the Punk’s battle chip was exclusive to the Capcom promo, there are 3 blue ones online in battle, it might be worth playing instead of white, just to see this classic Mega Man fan service.

Another reason to play the Blue Battle Network is that it is much easier than the white one. The biggest advantage is the folder with the Giga chip, which can be obtained in blue, the Giga chip, which can be obtained in blue. FolderBack is strong enough to change the approach to battle, as it restores all used battle chips, including itself, to a folder, thereby contributing to a super-aggressive style of play. The five Giga chips in each version are different, even if they unlock the same way, and White’s Navi Recycle simply can’t compare to FolderBack.

The ones that go with them are the unique style in each of them and the Navi customization blocks that go with them. White’s ground style is achieved through the use of terrain-affecting chips and can destroy enemy panels with loaded shots. The charged shot of the shadow in blue style does not cause damage, but makes the Mega Man invisible and invulnerable for a few seconds. This is in addition to the fact that you can get it by simply using a variety of invisible chips, a style and providing customization blocks that allow Megamen to ignore the most dangerous panels.

Thus, the Blue Battle Network 3 gives players more security and resources, while the White Battle Network 3 requires more strategy. Both are valid ways to experience Battle Network 3, and players will be able to get both at once as part of the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy collection.

The Mega Man Battle Network Legacy collection will be released in 2023 for PC, PS4 and Switch.