All Korean ONF members will undergo military service together


Being a thoughtful decision, this boy group made by WM Entertainment is sure to be enlisting in the military together.


ONF, the boy group consisting of 6 talented men is rumored to be enlisting in the military together, which will leave U, who is a Japanese citizen.

Wyatt, MK, J-US, E-Tion and Hyojin said through the official ONF fancafe today, November 2, 2021, delivered through J-US’s writing and Hyojin explained their decision.

They realized that the fans, FUSE would be annoyed with their choice. But ONF convinced FUSE that they wanted to stay together and come back with a full comeback sooner.

Although surprised by the sudden news from their idol, ONF fans admit that they are proud of the boy group’s choice.

Meanwhile, the military service schedule for the five ONF members has not yet been announced by their agency, WM Entertainment.