All iPhones should switch to USB Type-C! The European Union has approved a law that puts Apple in a dead end…


The European Parliament has passed a bill by a majority vote that makes USB Type-C mandatory in electronic products. According to the decision, Apple should switch the iPhone to USB Type-C by the end of 2024.

The European Parliament has announced that it has made a decision that will most concern the American technology giant Apple. Voting for the bill in the morning, officials overwhelmingly passed a bill that there should be a common USB Type-C charging port for all smartphones, tablets, cameras and laptops to be sold in Europe.

In fact, the European Union has been discussing this issue for a long time. According to the authorities of the European Union, a common charging protocol will facilitate the use of the product by the consumer, will be sustainable and will lead to less electronic waste. Also, even if the device was replaced, there would be no need to buy a new charger or cable. In today’s vote “for” 602 votes were cast, “against” — 13, “abstained” — 8. Thus, the European Parliament made the final decision on electronic products.

This situation will most affect Apple, which uses Lightning input.

The American technology giant Apple has used a special connector called Lightning in the iPhone models that it has released so far. With today’s decision of the European Parliament, this situation will have to change. Apple will need to implement the changes in the European Union by the end of 2024. Otherwise, the sale of the iPhone in the EU countries will be impossible. All other Apple products with a USB Type-C port can be sold as they are today. When we look at the Android ecosystem, we see that the transition to USB Type-C is generally complete. As a matter of fact, this decision will not affect brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi or Oppo.

According to the EU statement, by the end of 2024, all smartphones, tablets and cameras will have to have a USB Type-C port. As we approach 2026, portable computers will also be included in this law. In addition, other consumer electronic products such as navigation devices, consoles, game controllers, wireless headphones, smart watches, portable speakers, keyboards and mice will also have to switch to USB Type-C. Officials said the exception would apply to small devices where using a USB Type-C port is not possible.


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