All Hyun Bin’s Dramas and Movies That Will Get You


Hyun Bin is one of the most famous actors in South Korea, he knows his acting history with all his dramas and movies.

The Korean star was born in Seoul on September 25, 1982, is currently 38 years old, (39 in Korean age). Thanks to his talent, he has conquered the fans of K-Dramas, because he not only stands out as an actor, he is also a model and a singer, he has even made OSTs for some of them. Among his curiosities is his hobby of basketball and swimming.

Currently, he is enjoying great success and managed to found his own company VAST Entertainment. He also has a great knack for photography and snowboarding, an extreme sport. Throughout his career he has also lived some romances with some well-known actresses of the drama, if you want to know more about their work, we leave you a list with all their K-Dramas and movies.


It was with whom he started his career, the plot revolves around a boy who has to retire from the army and starts a new life as a civilian, so he wants to find a new job and joins a security company. The actor played the character of a stalker.


Nonstop 4

It is a drama made up of different episodes that shows the lives of different students, their experiences in school and family life, as well as the friendships they have.


One of his first leading roles. The actor played Kang Gook, a boy who turns out to be the brother of a woman who was adopted and travels to South Korea to search for his past, but fate makes both of them fall in love, the story is full of drama about impossible love .


My Name is Kim Sam Soon

He plays Hyun Jin Heon, a young heir who has a cold and selfless demeanor. His character meets a girl with a talent for baking, but who discovers her boyfriend being unfaithful. Both will make a pact to help each other and must pretend that they are a couple. Despite the fact that everything is a sham, they both begin to develop feelings for each other.


The Snow Queen

A dramatic love story that depicts the life of Tae Woong, a math genius who falls in love with a girl in his class, but when he wins an Olympics, he causes the death of his best friend. Years later, both will meet again and will have to overcome the wounds of the past.

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Worlds within

He plays Jung Ji Oh, a young producer who seeks to be the best in the industry, on his way he will meet a girl who aspires to be a great director, both of them will merge their talents to create the best drama.

Summer days

It is a minidrama where it is shown how destiny intertwines the path of 3 strangers to each other, but that ends in a love triangle.


Friend, Our Legend

It is a remake of the movie Friend, in this drama the actor plays Han Dong Soo, it is set in the 70s and tells the life of a group of gangsters.


Secret garden

It is one of his best known dramas, it tells the story of Kim Joo Won, a cold CEO who lives the “perfect” life, until he meets a humble young woman whom he mistakes for a famous actress. Their love-hate relationship will eventually unite their hearts after both undergo a change of bodies.

Hyde Jekyll, Me

One of his most complete works, tells the life of Goo Seo Jin, who suffers from multiple personality and owns an amusement park. There he will meet a master of ceremonies who wants to prevent the park from closing, but will face the different faces that the actor shows him due to a trauma from his childhood.

Memories of the Alhambra

One of his most recent works, the series was broadcast on Netflix and tells the life of a CEO named Yoo Jin Woo, who by mysteries of fate is trapped in a hotel in Spain, together with a guitarist they will have to leave a world that combines Augmented Reality with the real world.

Crash Landing on You

He played Ri Jung Hyuk, a North Korean military man who helps a girl return to South Korea, but both of them will develop feelings for each other despite the tension that exists between their countries. It is his most recent work and it made more than one cry.


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