All Horizon Forbidden West Side Quests And How To Complete Them


Horizon Forbidden West: As part of our complete guide we leave you with this entry that contains all the secondary missions: how to find them, complete them and rewards. In this section of our complete Horizon Forbidden West guide, we tell you how to find all the secondary missions and the process to complete them, as well as the rewards or achievements that we obtain by completing each one of them. We recommend that you do not forget about these secondary missions, since many of them have an important development of the plot and are interesting for one reason or another.

All Horizon Forbidden West Side Quests

Trouble in the deep
The Fangs
a shadow of the past
the twilight path
the shadow of the west
The Meadow in Flames
roots that bind
Thirst for the hunt
The sand wound
the gate of the vanquished
The flood
Blood for blood
the second verse
what you need to know
signal peak
covering expenses
the suffocate me
what was lost
The Valley of Ordeal
a broken tribe
the foreboding
drowned hopes
march of a soldier
explode or burst
lofty ambitions