All Haikus; where to find them in Ghost of Tsushima


We detail the location of all the Haikus and the tapes we get in exchange for Ghost of Tsushima, now available exclusively for PS4.

In Ghost of Tsushima we will find a large number of collectibles to discover as we progress through the main story and explore every corner of Tsushima Island. As in the case of training bamboos, there are only 16 haikus scattered across the map. By completing them we will be able to obtain special ribbons that are part of the aesthetic costumes that Jin Sakai can wear in the game. Below and as part of this complete guide we detail where to find all the haikus and their corresponding tapes of Sucker Punch’s work.

All Haikus and Izuhara tapes

  • Hiikoshi Haiku 1: near the Forest of Hidden Springs, to the north. We get the serenity tape.
  • Hiikoshi Haiku 2: West of the Old Woodcutter’s Canopy. We got the peace ribbon.
  • Haiku of Komoda: near the Wolverine Falls in Komoda. The reward is the tape of defeat.
  • Haiku de Azamo: on the east side of Izuahara, east of the Kuta Bridge. We got the invasion tape.
  • Haiku from Ariake: on the small island in the middle of Lake Izuhara. Give us the shelter tape.
  • Haiku of Kashine: west of Shigenori Peak, right next to a Pillar of Honor. The reward is the fear tape.
  • Komatsu Haiku: Right in the middle of Ensenada Arenas Negras, on the west side of Izuhara. We will get the tape of the fight.
  • Tsutsu Haiku: just north of the fishing village of Omaha. He gives us the tape of death.
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All Haikus and Toyotama tapes

  • Haiku of Akashima: near the south coast of Toyotama. It is just in the western area of ​​the coast of the drowned and gives us the tape of uncertainty.
  • Haiku de Umugi: right in the middle of the Equinox Flower Field. We get the perseverance ribbon as a reward.
  • Haiku from Otsuna: south of the Musashi coast. Reward: Survival Tape.
  • Kushi’s Haiku: North of the Stair Falls. We get the Preservation tape.
  • Haiku de Kubara: We head east of the Kubara forest to find the Haiku, where we will get the rebirth ribbon.

All Haikus and Kamiagata ribbons

  • Kin Haiku: We head north to the Kin Shrine, on the cliffs on the northeast side of the lake to see this Haiku. The reward is the tape of ruin.
  • Haiku de Sago: It is located in the northwest of the map, on the coast near “Risco del Guardián”. We will get the ribbon of hope.
  • Haiku de Jogaku: The last one is located at the northernmost end of the map, on the Whaling Coast. We get the force tape.


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