All Genshin Impact Artifacts: how to get them


We tell you everything there is to know about the various artifacts of Genshin Impact: how to get them, bonuses and how to improve them.

The title of myHoYo, Genshin Impact, offers players a number of team customization possibilities to make the characters that are part of our team as strong as possible. By equipping them with weapons and artifacts, we can build useful builds that will help us face any danger that may arise in the adventure we have in hand. Next, and as part of this complete guide, we detail everything there is to know about the game’s artifacts, to learn how to get them, improve them and obtain the bonuses that they provide us.

How to get all Genshin Impact artifacts

The artifacts can be obtained in the same way as weapons: in chests scattered around the world, as a reward for completing different missions or performing gachapon rolls. Getting one type or another (and its quality translated into stars) is somewhat random, so a factor of luck enters here that will determine if we can get the best artifacts or their simplest versions, to use them to improve and level up those that we have equipped. We will tell you about it here in detail, since there are up to five different types of artifacts and each of them affects a parameter.

What bonuses do Artifacts offer?

The bonuses that each artifact provides us are different and independent in each case. In general, it depends on the type of artifact it is and the group in which it is included, but within them the benefit it brings us may vary:

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Flowers: the main utility of flowers is to increase our maximum life. Examples like the “Exile’s Flower” or the “Berserker’s Rose” are among the best, with four stars and additional benefits such as increasing elemental mastery, ATK, and critical chance, among others.
Feathers: they serve to improve the base attack of the user who carries them. An example of four stars is the “Berserker’s Feather”, which brings a DEF storyline, plus a little extra health.
Clocks: serve to increase elemental mastery. An example of this is the “Berserker’s Clock”, which also serves to increase life, ATK and energy recharge.
Chalices: these cups are used to increase base defense. Examples of four stars are the “Martial Artist’s Wine Cup” (ATK and DEF enhancement) and the “Instructor’s Cup of Tea”, which is used to enhance energy recharge and elemental mastery.
Crowns – Lastly, these caps, tiaras, bracelets, and more serve to increase life and healing recovery. We have several examples of four stars such as the “Battle Mask of the Berserker”, the “Cap of the Trainer” or the “Diadem of the Exile”, which also increase defense and attack.


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