All features are confirmed for the new College Football game from EA Sports


After years of waiting, fans of American football will finally get a new version of NCAA Football, which can be played next summer. Thanks to the new NCAA name, image and likeness standards, EA Sports has announced that it can resume production of one of its most popular franchises again. There is not much news about the game, but the studio has already assured fans that the newest edition of NCAA Football is moving forward and will soon appear on the shelves.

Although NCAA Football 14 is not one of the best-selling video games of all time, it has become iconic over the years. College football is one of the most popular sports in America, but due to complex legal issues, EA Sports has not been able to release a new version for more than eight years. By law, the official name “NCAA” can no longer be used, but EA’s new college football game will include all the popular features from the old releases and will still contain many new ones.

School traditions

One of the most exciting new features is Team Traditions, a new addition to the 2023 version. EA Sports has confirmed that it is in the process of acquiring photo, video and audio materials for all 130 FBS teams that will be featured in the new game. The University of Wisconsin will present its fans dancing to “Jump Around” between the third and fourth quarters. Iowa State, whose football stadium is located next to the university hospital, will show how their fans wave their hands to patients who receive medical care. However, due to rights issues, one of the most legendary programs, Notre Dame, will not participate in NCAA Football in 2023. College football is full of traditions, and such attention to detail can turn a game from a good one into a great one.

Collections of games for teams are also included. This means that the Navy, infamous for its three-option offense, will have a playbook full of interesting run designs with pass restrictions, while the Alabama blitz defense of 3-4 sets will have all the mechanics of Nick Saban. Each team’s preferred style has its advantages, but if they conform to the rules of each school, the game will become even more exciting.

Game Modes

There’s not much news about the new game modes, but EA has confirmed that the Dynasty and Road to Glory modes will return when the game is released next summer. The changes probably occurred compared to their 2014 versions, but each of them is a fan favorite that gamers still enjoy playing almost a decade later.

Similar to the Madden franchise mode, Dynasty allows players to take control of their favorite college football team and create a legacy. From hiring to stadium pricing, gamers can control every aspect of their team and try to become the most successful college program of all time. On the other hand, Road to Glory provides players with the opportunity to play alone, leading their team to the national championship and the Heisman Trophy.

Other confirmed features

For good or bad, EA’s new American football game will be built on the Madden engine. Visually, Madden’s graphics set the bar for sports video games. With vibrant colors, lively crowds, and compelling in-game production, Madden can be a truly immersive experience. However, despite the fact that the formula had to be typed for decades, failures in Madden have become an annual tradition for football fans. Given how many team features will be included, this could open the door to even more challenges in the college game.

Another interesting feature is the film crew. ESPN commentators will be the ones to voice the action, earning their place in the branded franchise among competitors on FOX and NBC. Although the specific broadcasters were not disclosed, it is safe to assume that the ESPN host team, consisting of Joe Tessitore and Greg McElroy, will be reporting, creating the feeling of a true Saturday night in prime time.

EA Sports College Football is currently in development.


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