All Dungeons & Dragon Monster Recognized as Honorable among Thieves


Several classic monsters will be screened in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. In the first full trailer of Paramount’s adventure D&D, five creatures featured in the story were shown on the big screen. Four seem to be obstacles that the main characters must overcome in their journey.

The release of the long-awaited trailer for Honor Among Thieves is a live Dungeons & Dragons campaign, centered on its own group of disparate heroes. The footage in the trailer promises a deep adaptation of the Dungeons & Dragons world with different regions, classes, magic spells, races and monsters associated with the brand. Thanks to the introduction of the five main characters, Honor Among Thieves gives an idea of bards, paladins, barbarians and much more. Judging by what has been shown, the upcoming 2023 film will be filled with recognizable elements and concepts of the popular board game.

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The scale of the Dungeons & Dragons world and everything it includes means that there isn’t much in the game that Honor Among Thieves can include in the story, which has created a lot of questions about what exactly it will use and what will be overlooked. Thanks to the trailer, viewers at least now have an idea of which monsters will appear, although more will naturally be revealed later as the film nears its release date. Here are all the Dungeons & Dragons monsters confirmed for Honor Among Thieves and what they can do.


In the trailer for “Honor among Thieves”, three different dragons were spotted. Given that the legendary beast is mentioned in the title and is often positioned as the last test in many D&D campaigns, it is not surprising that they will be widely used in the Dungeons and Dragons movie. Most of them are portrayed as evil, selfish creatures who consider themselves superior to elves, humans and all other races. However, some dragons have the potential for benevolence, but even they are prone to arrogant behavior. As for what kinds of dragons will be used in the movie, it looks like the acid-spitting black dragon, fire-breathing red dragon and white dragon will be used in Honor Among Thieves. The latter’s breathing attack wasn’t shown in the trailer, but D&D’s white dragons have icy powers.


Mimic, one of the most unusual monsters in the Dungeons & Dragons world, is a mischievous creature that uses its shape-shifting abilities to set traps for unsuspecting travelers. Taking advantage of adventurers’ thirst for wealth, mimics usually turn into treasure chests and wait for the opportunity to feast. In D&D campaigns, they are often used to lure and then blind players. Looking at the trailer, the main characters will face a similar situation in Honor Among Thieves. The footage shows how the barbarian hero Michel Rodriguez is dealing with a mimic.


In Dungeons & Dragons, druids can use their nature magic to take the form of animals and some monsters. The trailer confirms that the band’s druid, played by Sophie Lillis, will use the owl bear as her favorite transformation. As the name suggests, the owl bear is a powerful monster with an owl face and a bear body. D&D owl bears living in caves create incredibly difficult encounters, so having one of them on the side of Honor Among Thieves characters will increase their chances.

Shifting Beast

The creature that attacked the group at the 1:46 mark was a shifting beast. Resembling a black panther, the displacing beast is a mystical six-legged monster with tentacles extending from its body. Known for their ability to deceive opponents by appearing closer—or further away—from where they actually are, displacing beasts can create confusing situations for their enemies. These evil carnivorous killers tend to stalk their victims for fun and often torture their opponents before completing the kill.

Gelatin Cube

At the same moment that a displacing beast was introduced in the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves trailer, the movie teased it with an interpretation of another monster. To escape from the displacing beast, the characters inadvertently came under the sights of a new enemy when they dived into a gelatinous cube, a monster consisting entirely of slime. In the game, a jelly cube is a creature that traps people in its walls and then allows its acidic liquid to slowly dissolve their bodies. If his victim does not escape immediately, it will be digested by a cube that will leave nothing behind but bones, clothes and armor. All organic matter will be eaten by the monster.


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