All Documents and where to find them in Ghost of Tsushima


We detail the location of the Documents necessary to get the corresponding trophy in Ghost of Tsushima, now available on PS4.

In Ghost of Tsushima we can find a good number of collectible items to collect in order to get the game’s precious Platinum Trophy, on PS4. Specifically, those that concern us in this entry are the Documents, which we can find in various locations such as tents in Mongolian camps, houses of various NPCs in the villages we visit, temples and, in general, within various buildings. Here’s where to find them in order to get the bronze trophy: Avid reader, which consists of reading 20 documents. All this and more as part of our comprehensive guide to Sucker Punch’s work.

All Izuhara documents

  • Conversations with the Kan 1: in the tent inside the Mongol camp southwest of the
  • Izuhara Glade, east of the Old Woodcutter’s Canopy.
  • Conversations with Kan 5: at the shipyard west of Yagata Forest and northwest of Shigenori Peak.
  • Conversations with Kan 6: From the Ogawa Dojo (northeast of the Golden Temple) we went through one of the houses to find the document.
  • Conversations with Kan 7: in the tent of the Mongolian base leader of the camp located in the extreme southeast of the Izuhara region.
  • Conversations with the Khan 8: In the tent of the leader of the Mongolian base in the camp located northwest of the “Tangled Crossroads”.
  • “Meet us at the Umugi Cave”: in the houses of Azamo Bay, which is at the southern tip of Izuhara, west of Wakou Island.
  • “Skills for commerce”: in another of the houses in Azamo Bay.
  • “Stolen memories”: also in another of the houses in the aforementioned place.
  • “What happened in Komoda”: northwest of Villa Furuta, southeast of Punto de Saicho and east of Kiyomori’s Landing.
  • “Deliver Senséi Ishikawa”: in one of the towers of the Hiyoshi Spring, which is located southwest of the Forest of Hidden Springs.
  • “Diquisitions in the Hiyoshi Spring”: in one of the houses located in the upper part of the Hiyoshi Spring.
  • “Musical stories to remember”: in the same house as the previous one.
  • “The Black Sands”: on the second floor of one of the Komatsu Forge residences.
  • First encounter: on the east side of the Komatsu Forge, in one of the ruined houses.
  • “To Genzo, at the Komatsu Forge”: at the house where the Sashimono banner vendor is at the Komatsu Forge.
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All Toyotama Documents

  • Conversations with the Kan 2: in one of the houses at Fort Imai, southwest of the Kushi Temple.
  • Conversations with Kan 9: We go to Kishibe Village (east of Mount Omi) and search one of the southern houses to find this document.
  • Conversations with Khan 10: in one of the houses of the Numata Settlement (north of Akashima Village).
  • “To my love”: in one of the houses of Aldea Omi.
  • “Hochi and the Warrior Monks”: in one of the houses located in the eastern part of the Akashima Village.
  • “Akashima Healers”: Also in Akashima village, east of the Drowned Coast.
  • “To Momiji in Akashima Village”: in one of the houses on the other side of the bridge in Akashima village.
  • Healing Lessons: In the lonely house surrounded by lilies in Akashima village.
  • Come home: on the second floor of a house southwest of Omi Village.
  • “Remembranza”: in another of Alea Omi’s houses.
  • Butler Ujimasa’s Report: On the top floor of Yarikawa Fortress.
  • “Rationing at Yarikawa Fortress”: in the tower located at the gates of Yarikawa Fortress.
  • The Nakabukuro ritual: in one of the houses at the top of Cala Umugi.
  • Necessary to survive: in the lonely house in the swamp west of Cala Umugi.
  • Parias: in one of the houses next to the entrance to Cala Umugi, southwest of the Lady Sanjo bridge.

All documents from Kamiagata

  • Conversations with Kan 3: in one of the houses in General Bartu’s camp.
  • Conversations with Kan 4: in the Mongol leader’s tent at General Dogshin’s camp, north of Jogaku.
  • Conversations with the Kan 11: in one of the upper-level houses in the village of Izumi, south of Port Izumi.
  • Farewell: in one of the eastern houses of the Kin Shrine, northeast of the Shinboku Inn.
  • Call for Help: On the upper level of the burning red house in the Shrine of Kin.
  • Lady Hana: on the top floor of one of the houses in the western part of the Sago Mill.
  • Watch it: in another of the houses of the Sago Mill.
  • The house of the dye: on the second floor of another of the houses of the Molino de Sago.


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