All Details of a Face Mask for Apple Employees


The face mask prepared by Apple for its employees appeared on the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy. The video created reveals what is in the box of Apple’s face mask and what kind of material it is made of.

US-based technology giant Apple has carried out important studies during the coronavirus pandemic process. While donating millions of masks to the USA and Europe, the company also produced its own masks in order to ensure the safety of its employees. Now, those masks have appeared on “Unbox Therapy”, one of the popular unboxing channels on YouTube.

Now we will take a closer look at the details of the masks produced by Apple. But beforehand, it should be noted that there is no plan to launch these masks, at least for now. The company will only offer these masks to employees in retail outlets and corporate buildings. So you probably won’t be able to access these masks.

Apple’s protective mask looks like this

The face mask prepared by Apple for its employees was developed by the engineering and industrial design unit of the company. Made of three pieces of high-quality fabric, the mask is not certified like N95 masks. However, tests show that these masks prevent particles from the mouth from coming out. So the mask serves its purpose properly.

Apple-developed masks come in a box. Employees are confronted with 5 packaged masks in this box. In addition to a mask in the package, which is very tightly closed, there is a small apparatus that allows the person to adjust the mask in the best way. This apparatus also prevents ear pain. In addition to all these, these masks can be washed up to 5 times.

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Here is the box opening video of Apple’s mask


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