All details about the Xbox Series X have been released!


There is not much time left for the Xbox Series X and PS5 to be released. Shortly before its release, Xbox’s official YouTube channel shared all the details about the Xbox Series X in a video. The video included information about interface, games, backward compatibility, photo and video sharing, Xbox mobile application, remote play, Xbox Store.

All features that will come with the Xbox Series X

At the beginning of the video, we see the console’s interface, it has a predominantly green color and a moving background image. First, Gears 5 is entered and thanks to the Quick Resume feature, the game is entered very quickly. According to the information transferred over Gears 5, we will be able to play the Ultra settings used in the PC version of the game with the Xbox Series X with 4K 60 FPS image quality.

Xbox Series X hakkında

In addition, the game supports frame rates up to 120 FPS. Later, Harrison, who entered Dirt 5, drew attention to the Quick Resume text in the upper right corner, you will be able to continue where you left off in games that support this feature. He showed us this feature by switching between the two games. With Quick Resume, we can quickly switch between games.

Also, the Xbox Series X leaves its rival behind in backward compatibility. Thanks to the Xbox mobile application, even if you are not at home, you can make a game you purchase download to your console by giving a command through the application. You can also play your downloaded games via the Xbox mobile app by connecting the Xbox controller to your phone. In this way, you can continue playing games on the mobile application even if you are not at home.

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Xbox Store has been renewed and made faster. You can also see which subscription system and platform you purchase the games you own on the lower left of the game icons. The icon of a game purchased from EA Play or Game Pass appears in the lower left part of the icon of that platform. Finally, the external SSD was mentioned. In addition, we can move or play our games by connecting USB drives of supported versions to the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X will hit the shelves on November 10th.


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