All DC animated films that will be released in 2023


The Detective Comics franchise continues its successful tradition of releasing DC animated films with a confirmed list update for 2023. While many DCEU live action films, such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, have been controversial, DC animated films have always been mostly positively received by both the general audience and those who are familiar with the DC universe. . After the premiere of “Green Lantern: Beware of My Power,” DC has yet to release two other animated films in 2022, but the plan for 2023 has already been set.

Unlike the vast majority of DC animation projects, the upcoming DC League of Super-Pets, starring Scala and Kevin Hart, will be a theatrical 3D animated film. DC is also testing new strategies in 2022 with Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons, a 3D animated movie that can be watched right at home. Earlier, in 2022, DC released Catwoman: The Hunt, an independent story unrelated to any universe.

“Green Lantern: Beware of My Power,” the last of DC’s two-dimensional animated films in 2022, is the latest entry in “Tomorrow’s Universe.” The title is a reference to 2020’s Superman: The Man of Tomorrow and is used to describe the new DC animated universe after Dark Justice League: The Apokolips War. “The Universe of Tomorrow” currently consists of five films, but in 2023 this list will grow. However, the list of DC 2023 animated films is not limited to the “Universe of Tomorrow” chronology. Here are all the confirmed DC animated films released in 2023.

Justice League RWBY (to be clarified, 2023)

Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Ian will join DC heroes in 2023 as the RWBY anime series will overlap with the Justice League in a feature film. In 2021, the seven-issue RWBY crossover comic “Justice League” was released, which tells about the Remnant’s version of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The RWBY film “Justice League” will not be a retelling of a comic book crossover, but a completely new story. However, according to the official description of the film, it seems that RWBY “Justice League” recognizes the events of the comic book crossover.

Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham (to be clarified, 2023)

“Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham” will be an adaptation of the comic book arc of the same name. The comic by Mike Mignola and Richard E. Pace was released in 2000 and places Batman in a historical adventure set in 1928. Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham features some of Batman’s most famous villains, such as Penguin and Mr. Batman. Freeze, but reinterpret as Lovecraft figures. The animated film “Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham” will be a separate film unrelated to the current DC animated universe, and will continue DC’s tradition of adapting classic Batman stories in animated releases until 2023.

Legion of Superheroes (to be clarified, 2023)

DC’s favorite futuristic heroes will get their first feature film in the Legion of Superheroes 2023. Although Legion of Superheroes has already starred in its own animated TV show in 2006, the team of young heroes has only recently started appearing in other DC animated projects. The Legion of superheroes was featured in the 2019 film Justice League vs. the Fatal Five, as well as in the 4th season of Young Justice. Now the story of a superhero team, often led by Superboy or Brainiac 5, will be told in an animated film. installed in the Tomorrowverse. Justice League Society: World War II has already introduced the concept of time travel and alternate realities in the new DC animated universe, making a possible transition between the Justice League and the Legion of Superheroes more likely. It is curious that currently in the works of the famous comic book author Brian Michael Bendis is the HBO Max animated series “Legion of Superheroes”, and it does not seem that it will be associated with either the movie “Legion of Superheroes” in 2023, or with the version of the team “Young Justice”.

Justice League World of War (to be clarified, 2023)

The Justice League war world will become part of Tomorrow’s Universe, and this will be the first Justice League movie set in this new timeline. After introducing Superman, the Martian Hunter, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Batman in the first three films of this universe, the Tomorrowverse skipped the formation of the Justice League, as shown in Green Lantern: Beware My Power. Thus, “Justice League: War” will be the first DC animated film “Justice League” after “Dark Justice League: Apokolips War” DCAMU; and the mention of “Varvold” in the title suggests that the DC villain Mongul may be the main antagonist. Several DC heroes have already been featured in the Tomorrowverse, so it’s hard to predict what the Justice League lineup will be for the Justice League World of War movie.


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