All chemistry styles in FIFA 21: what is it


Chemistry is a fundamental aspect of any Ultimate Team team. Learn how to empower it and what you must keep in mind to progress in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 lands on the market with the strength of each year. EA Sports’ simulator par excellence hit a small stumble, although it still has a major cartridge to burn: the new generation of consoles. This edition will be the first to coincide with PS5 and Xbox Series X | S; if you decide to go to them, you can do it from your copy to the current one at no additional cost.

FUT is the mode that virtually your entire community revolves around. Therefore, today we will focus on those who do not know how chemistry works, what styles we can find and how to optimize your equipment in order to perform as well as possible.

FIFA 21: what is chemistry style
Do you remember the letters with symbols that usually accompany the opening of the envelopes? Yes, those are chemistry styles. Basically a style is a way to enhance several of the six main traits of a player in Ultimate Team. For example, if we have a missing or passing DCM, we can introduce the Architect style to it, which will increase the value of those two statistics.

The game includes 22 chemistry styles between all positions. Beyond the envelopes, you can find them available for purchase in the community market.

Below you will find the available ones:

Chemistry Styles for Forwards

Sniper: +3 shot and +3 dribble.

Finisher: +3 shot and +3 physical.

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Shooter: +3 shot and +3 pass.

Hunter: +3 pace and +3 shot.

Accurate: +2 dribbling, +2 shooting and +2 physical.

Falcon: +2 pace, +2 shot and +2 physical.

Chemistry Styles for Midfielders

Artist: +3 dribble, +3 pass.

Architect: +3 Pass and +3 Physical.

Powerful: +3 pass and +3 defense.

Master: +2 dribble, +2 shot and +2 pass.

Engine: +2 pace, +2 dribbling and +2 passing.

Catalyst: +3 pace and +3 pass.

Chemistry styles for defenses

Sentinel: +3 defense and +3 physical.

Guardian: +3 dribble and +3 defense.

Gladiator: +3 shot and +3 defense.

Spine: +2 defense, +2 pass and +2 physical.

Anchor: +2 pace, +2 defense and +2 physical.

Shadow: +3 pace and +3 defense.

Chemistry Styles for Goalkeepers

Wall: +2 jump, +2 stretch and +2 serve.

Shield: +2 reflexes, +2 stretched and +2 serve.

Feline: +2 reflex. +2 speed and +2 position.

Glove: +2 jump, +2 stretched and +2 position.


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