All Black PS5 DualSense Controller Revealed


 The DualSense controller, completely black, including its buttons, was detected in the FCC listing.

DualSense, the black-colored controller of the PlayStation 5, which will meet with its users next November, has passed the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) approval for the second time. However, in the last listing by a Twitter user, the color of the buttons on the controller is also black.

The DualSense controller, which was officially introduced, was presented to users with a design with black and white colors. It is emphasized that this controller, which is completely black with its buttons, is produced as a development kit. These products have different colors than the ones that will go on sale.

All black PlayStation 5 controller

Sony introduced the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller to its users in April. The company called it a “radical transformation” for the DualSense controller after the DualShock controller. The controller has many features such as haptic feedback, adaptive triggering, and embedded microphone.

PlayStation 4’s controller will not work on PlayStation 5 games. However, thanks to the backward compatibility in the new generation console, these controllers can be used in PlayStation 4 games.

Some users have managed to access the PlayStation 5 controller while the PlayStation 5 has only 1 month to go. It has also been confirmed that the release date of PlayStation 5 accessories is on October 30th, which means that accessories will be accessible 2 weeks before the console is released in the US.

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