All Assassin’s Creed Valhalla skills and which ones good


We explain how to get all the skills of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (wolf, bear and raven) and which are the best in the game.

Progress is a key factor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. We have to see that not only our character advances in terms of skills and abilities, but also our settlement and the Raven Clan. It is such a broad title that it can be overwhelming, and players do not want to miss any detail that the new Ubisoft work may offer us. For that reason, and as part of this complete guide, we bring you a list of all the game’s skills, as well as which ones we recommend the most. If you do not want to leave behind any weapon or armor, we recommend you visit the sections that we dedicate to both topics.

We have to bear in mind to bear in mind that skills are those passive improvements that we get by adding points to our skill tree. That is, they are different from skills, improvements that we actively use by consuming energy and that are achieved by locating the books of knowledge scattered around the world.

The skill tree is divided into three main groups: the constellation of the bear, the raven and the wolf. From the start of the game we can distribute the points we earn by leveling up in the way we prefer. And do not be afraid; we can restore these points whenever we want and reorient our way of playing Eivor. Within each constellation there are (small) stat nodes, while the big ones are the important abilities, as they will increase our power. Next, we detail the important nodes of each constellation.

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Constellation of the Bear (Melee)

Stomp: When an enemy falls to the ground, you can kick their face.
Hand swapping: If you have weapons in both hands, you can swap them.
Adrenaline boost: +1 adrenaline slot.
Light Bow (Combo): Consecutive shots with a Light Bow deal bonus damage.
Berserker’s Resilience: If the adrenaline space is practically full, it will not be affected by the enemy’s first attack.
Terror: After a stun attack, nearby weak enemies may cower.
Perfect Attack: While swinging the weapon, you can deal more damage on the next hit.
Deflect Damage: Deflect successfully deals damage to the attacker.
Yearning for adrenaline: When 1 or more adrenaline spaces are filled, damage and attack speed increases.
Warrior Takedown: If you take down the unsuspecting enemy with a heavy attack. Fill your adrenaline and warn your teammates.
Sprint Bash: You smash through fragile objects and push characters to the ground as you run.
Volley Arrow: You can discharge all charged arrows at once with a light bow, but it costs stamina.
Cremation of the battlefield: If an enemy is killed by a fire attack, it continues to burn and damage others.
Double Heavy Handle: You are able to wield a heavy weapon in each hand.


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