All Apex Legends characters without Heirloom


Family heirlooms are a popular but very expensive cosmetic melee item in Apex Legends. They’ve been in the game since the first day Rafe got her Kunai. They have evolved and grown over time, and many new animations from the Apex Legends heirloom are superior to Wraith. However, season after season, more and more are being added to the game.

With the launch of the recent Awakening event, a Valkyrie family heirloom, the winged spear, was added to the game. Thus, the total number of legends with heirlooms is 14 out of 21 characters in the game. The average waiting time for relics is about 300 days from the moment they were added to the game, although this is not an exact science, but it means that 7 characters are still waiting for their relics.

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Apex Legends Characters without Heirloom

Loba Horizon Fuse Seer Ash Mad Maggie Newcastle

From the very beginning, it is obvious that Loba is currently the legend who has been waiting the longest. She came out in season 13, and the character of season 14 Rampart and again the character of season 17 Valkyrie beat her. The distribution of heirlooms does not seem to be based on any seniority; after all, Watson and Crypto have lived for over 800 days without a family heirloom.

Needless to say, Loba will be next in Apex Legends, and it would be interesting if her family heirloom was something more decorated (to her taste) with a Wolfhead staff. Unfortunately, the heirlooms are not confirmed before the announcement of the event, and although some of them have leaked, this is a guessing game for many of the above legends.

It’s hard to imagine a Horizon, but most likely it will be something futuristic, scientific and/or high-tech to really match her character. It would be interesting for Fuse if he carried the golden grenade shown in his debut trailer for Apex Legends. The Seer will need something dramatic to emphasize his entertainment, while the upgraded and deadly sword will suit Ash, if not the Rat.

Mad Maggie and Newcastle are unlikely to receive a family heirloom anytime soon, given their recent addition to the list. Maggie would have something super-aggressive, and Newcastle would probably have something somewhat chivalrous, given their two character concepts. Loba, Horizon and/or Fuse should really be next, but until Respawn Entertainment announces them, their core players will just have to wait, watch and guess.

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