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As season 4 concludes, so does Olivia Colman’s time on The Crown as Queen Elizabeth II. With the changing of the guard (filming) scheduled to begin in 2021, but what do we know so far from The Crown Season 5? Will we have a sixth installment? Here the details you want to know.

Left Bank Pictures has decided to take a hiatus between production on the fourth and fifth seasons of The Crown. There was a similar delay between the cast delivery of seasons two and three. This means that the coronavirus pandemic has not influenced the decision to delay filming, as it is simply part of the Left Bank schedule.

We have confirmation that filming is scheduled to begin in June 2021, and the final season will shoot sometime in 2022.

Executive producer Suzanna Mackie may not be involved in the upcoming season, as she recently signed an exclusive production deal with Netflix under Orchid Pictures.

Another ten episodes will be available to stream when The Crown returns for season 5.

When the series was renewed for its fifth season, it was announced that it would be The Crown’s last. In the following month’s creator, Peter Morgan decided to reverse the decision, with a sixth and final season of The Crown coming to Netflix in 2023.

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