Alix battling a princess since shooting, we know why


Find out why Alix is ​​in the cold with this emblematic candidate of the Princes and Princesses of Love 4 …

As we know, Alix didn’t just make friends on the set of Princes and Princesses of Love 4, and there are revelations about her involvement in the W9’s love show! Princesses and Princesses of Love 4, who ruled out the meltdown about Benjamin Samat and his weight loss, Alix would also suffer the wrath of another princess who became the symbol of adventure because of Andrew. As a matter of fact, the young man got into a relationship with Khloé again after the shooting of Princes and Princesses of Love 4 and his words would not please Alix at all! We tell you more about it below.

Indeed, we can notice on social networks that Alix unfollow Khloé recently while they participated together in the Princes and Princesses of Love 4. Proof that there would be a storm in the air between the two young women? This could be explained by the fact that in interview for Sam Zirah, Andrew criticized the candidate and her remarks would not have pleased him … We hope to find out more quickly! In the meantime, we test your knowledge on the last episodes of Princes and Princesses of Love 4 with Bastien summoned by the Agency, Kellyn fired and Alix who makes Enzo leave with this quiz!


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