Alisson’s Exclusion “Surprised” Brazil Teammates – “I don’t know why”


For the first time since 2021, there are no Liverpool players in the Brazilian national team, and Ederson was “surprised” by the decision to exclude Alisson.

The last time a Brazilian team was without a Liverpool player was in September 2021, when travel restrictions due to Covid blocked calls from Anfield.

Before that, you would have to go back to November 2015, when neither Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino, nor Lucas Leiva were called up for World Cup qualifiers.

However, Alisson was part of this team that has been fighting for the No. 1 shirt of his country for a long time, but this month neither he, nor Firmino, Fabinho or Artur are included.

Brazil is currently headed by interim manager Ramon Menezes, who will play a friendly match against Morocco on Saturday, and his team consists of both familiar faces and young contenders.

Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson is expected to start the game at the weekend, and on Tuesday he took over the duties of the press conference when he expressed “surprise” that Alisson did not join him.

“The first moment I saw the list, I was surprised, but it’s the coach’s decision,” he told reporters, including Globo.

“It’s a choice. I thought he would be on the list, but he wasn’t, I don’t know why, [maybe] it’s a matter of opportunities for younger players.

“But we have to work, do our best, every day there is a good new player who can also take on this responsibility.”

Elsewhere in his press conference, Ederson touched on rumors that Carlo Ancelotti could become the next coach of the Brazilian national team, and answered a question about his chances as the main goalkeeper.

“I think it’s too early for that,” he replied.

“Of course, it’s always important to start a cycle, it’s no different for me, and I hope to start as well as possible.

“But we know it’s a long cycle, a lot can happen, you can experience a lot of phases during that period.

“You have to work hard, stay consistent, to be here as many times as possible.”

Unlike the out-of-form Fabinho and the only recently fit Firmino, there seems to be no real explanation for Alisson not being included in the Menezes squad.

After all, he was Liverpool’s best and most stable player this season — statistics show that without him they would have conceded 10 more goals in the Premier League.


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