Alison Ray’s mom Cherie Easterling speaks out amid accusations that Husband Monty Lopez had an affair


Breaking her silence. Addison Ray’s mother, Shari Easterling, spoke out after her husband Monty Lopez was accused of infidelity.

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“Personal matters that are put on public display are always difficult and unbearable for everyone involved in them,” the 42—year-old mother of three wrote in an Instagram story on Thursday, July 7. “I’ll be fine.” My biggest concern- and always will be – is my children and their fragile hearts and minds. I will always do my best to protect them.”

Easterling shares 21-year-old Ray and sons Enzo, 14, and Lucas, 8, with Lopez, 46. Earlier this week, a 25-year-old woman named Renee Ash claimed she had an affair with Lopez, claiming he falsely hinted his marriage to Easterling had broken up. Lopez did not respond to a request for comment from Page Six, which originally reported Ash’s story about her alleged relationship with him. Us Weekly has also reached out to Lopez for comment regarding the allegations.

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Ray’s mom did not confirm or deny the affair, noting only that at the moment she is focused on her children. “My goal is to make sure they feel safe and know that everything will be fine,” she continued. “Thank you all for the love, support and kind messages. It means the whole world to me.”

In the 2020 edition of her podcast, the TikTok star revealed that her parents actually divorced when she was younger and were together from time to time after that. They remarried in 2017, but Ray said her parents’ marital tensions led to the family moving around a lot.

“You’ve been a single mom for a good few years,” the Louisiana native said during the July 2020 issue of Was It Fun? with her mother. “From about 3 to 6 for me… Dad wasn’t really in my life. I’m sure it was your personal decisions with Dad. I’m sure you guys have sort of established that, like, “Hey, we need some space. We need time to sort everything out.”

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Easterling said Lopez “showed up a little bit from time to time,” but not as often. As a result, she decided to open her own business to support her family. “You took me to work with you all the time,” the actress recalled “It’s All Him.” “That’s where I remember being at your work with you all the time.”

Ray asked her mother how she was moving forward, trying to combine a difficult business and single motherhood at the same time. “I’ve never felt like a failure just because my business wasn’t going well,” Easterling replied. “It’s a big deal, but everything will be fine. This is not the end of you. You’ll be fine.”