Alison Brie embarks on a mysterious trip to Italy in the Spin Me Round trailer

A fully paid trip to Italy holds a few dark secrets in the new Spin Me Round trailer. The new comedy directed by Jeff Baen stars Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, Alessandro Nivola, Zach Woods, Molly Shannon, Lil Rel Hovery, Debbie Ryan and some others. In addition to the fact that Bree played the main role in the film, Bree together with Baena wrote the script of the comedy.
Before Baena’s latest creation, he shot “Life after Beth”, “Joshi”, “Little Clock” and “Horse Girl”. As part of her projects, Baena has several frequent collaborators, some of whom will play a major role in the AMC Spin Me Round series. Among these stars are Plaza, Shannon, Ryan and Bree, who also wrote the psychological thriller “Horse Girl” in 2020 with Baena. journey.
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The new Spin Me Round trailer begins with Amber (Brie) winning a paid trip to Italy for working as a top manager at a Tuscan Grove restaurant. Shortly after arriving in Italy, Amber meets the company’s CEO Nick Martucci (Nivola) and his assistant Kat (Plaza), who turn her world upside down. The breathtaking scenery of Florence begins to take an interesting turn as Amber begins to experience a tendency for strange occurrences, including Kat at her bedside ordering her to get dressed. As Amber begins a romantic relationship with Nick, the Spin Me Round trailer suggests he may be hiding some dark secrets about his business and lifestyle.
Throughout the trailer, Amber delves deeper and deeper into Nick’s business circle, where she meets several of Nick’s friends and business associates. Each of them can say ambiguous things, as one calls himself “the repository of Nicky’s dirty secrets.” The tumultuous journey through Italy continues to take a turn for the worse as Dana (Woods) approaches Amber, warning her that he thinks something is wrong. Amber threatens someone or something with a broken bottle and hides under the bed, and the hand falls overboard.
The most disturbing part of the Spin Me Round trailer is Amber’s discovery of a book called “Abduction News,” which suggests that the fully paid program may be a ploy for something more. Combined with the repetition of the phrase that Amber is “very open-minded,” the question of why the top managers of Tuscan Grove were sent to Italy may have several ominous answers. The Spin Me Round trailer also suggests that it will be difficult to know exactly who to trust, leaving room for a “Get Knives”-style twist.
A shroud of mystery hangs over the Spin Me Round trailer, which is scattered throughout his comedy. Noticing that Nick is in his office late at night, Fran (Tom Heidecker) and Dana joke that it looks like a game of Evidence, and that he kills Colonel Mustard with a lead pipe. As they laugh, the vagueness of the trailer suggests there may be more truth in their joke than they can show.
The release of Spin Me Round in cinemas and on video on demand on August 19, 2022.