Alinity will be back on Twitch soon


Alinity announces it will return to the US to stream on Twitch in “the next few weeks,” following its disappearance from the streaming service earlier this year. Alinity is known for streaming games like World of Warcraft and Apex Legends, as well as dabbling in culinary content and appearing alongside her friends like Mizkif.

Aliniti has not appeared on the Twitch stream since the beginning of this year, and in June 2022, Aliniti wrote in her personal account on the social network that she would not be able to broadcast for some time. Many fans were confused, although for those who did not fall behind, it seems to have happened due to circumstances beyond her control.

It seems that Aliniti’s problems are related to her work visa to the United States, which, as she recently reported, was approved. She has been in her home country of Colombia for a while, and with this announcement, she confirmed that she is returning to the US and will return to streaming in “a few weeks.” It is noteworthy that she does not mention Twitch by name, which may mean that the transition to YouTube Gaming is not excluded. After all, a lot of streamers flocked there, but she will most likely return to Twitch, where her fans and her friends are.

Indeed, it’s clear that many of her streaming friends and fans are excited about her return. The answer is almost overwhelming. However, it seems that at least a few respondents are unwilling to forget her past experience on the stream. Alinity is a big name in many ways, one of which was connected with various disputes on the stream. The incident that seems to stand out the most is related to the fact that Aliniti abandoned her cat on Twitch, which happened back in 2019. She has also been involved in alleged favoritism controversies on Twitch, has been involved in numerous arguments with other figures, and has received a ton of criticism for several actions, such as calling a waiter a “racist.”

Nevertheless, it seems that an active minority is playing here. Aliniti does not give more precise dates for her return, except for a few weeks, but the number of fans welcoming her return far exceeds the number of negative comments. Fans excited about her return should keep an eye on Aliniti’s social media, as it is likely that she calls the time and date of her return on Twitch, or perhaps she just appears on the stream with Mizkif or another of her friends.

Alinity is expected to return to Twitch in the coming weeks.


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