Alinity Reveals the Theory of “House Mom” Why She Doesn’t Have Twitch Stalkers


Popular Twitch star Alinity shocked viewers by saying that she has never had a stalker, and shared a rather interesting theory about why this is so.

Natalia “Alinity ” Mogollon is one of the biggest names on Twitch with over a million subscribers on the Amazon—owned platform alone, and many others on OnlyFans, Instagram and Twitter.

Despite the huge number of subscribers, Alinity says that she has yet to become a stalker, like other members of the community, such as Amurant, who had to face several horrific incidents on TwitchCon.

During the broadcast on Twitch on November 8, the Colombian-Canadian suggested why she has no pursuers, and explained this by the fact that her dominant “mom” keeps them at bay.

Alinity claims that her “house mom” vibes scare off pursuers

According to Mogollon, her personality plays a big role in why stalkers don’t want to have anything to do with her, and asked a fellow streamer in a chat if they agree.

“I think that despite the fact that I am short, I cause people to have the vibes of a dommie mom, and people are afraid of me,” she said. “The male attention I attract is not guys trying to knock me down, but guys who want to kiss my feet.”

The term “home mom” basically means a woman who is gentle but dominant and has become a very desirable personality trait in recent years.

Further, the Twitch star said that anyone who tries to “fuck with her” or break into her house will regret it.

“I’m crazy, yo. If you’re trying to hurt me, trust me, man, I’m Hispanic. Like, it’s not going to be good for me. So please stay away from me. Don’t be creepy,” she added.

In addition, the streamer noted that despite the fact that she lived in the small Canadian city of Saskatoon for many years, she never had a stalker, and since then she has moved to Austin, Texas.

Of course, all this is just a theory on the part of the Twitch star, but given the evidence, she can understand something and says she is going to continue her “dominant” personality if it guarantees her safety.


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