Alinity Explains Why She Doesn’t Believe the Reason BruceDropEmOff Left OTK


The Twitch Alinity star expressed some doubts about the reasons for BruceDropEmOff’s separation from OTK after the streamer unexpectedly left the organization.

Popular Twitch streamer BruceDropEmOff first joined the OTK entertainment group (short for “One True King”) in March 2022, which caused a lot of excitement among viewers.

However, less than a year later, Bruce abruptly broke up with the band, announcing his departure in a tweet that instantly went viral on January 24.

There were many theories as to why Bruce unceremoniously left the organization, and some suggested that this was due to the controversy surrounding the OTK streamer Mizkif, who was accused of covering up sexual abuse last year.

Since then, Mizkif has been expelled from the group’s board of directors and returned to streaming for a while, but Bruce claimed that he left for other reasons.

“The reason I left is because I didn’t want to be perceived as a black person who was going to lead them to triumph, hold a sword and endure all the heat looking bad,” he said live on air after his departure. .

That’s not all; he also had some harsh words for Mizkiff when he lashed out at his former colleague in a heated rant where he claimed he “should have left when your bitch ass was exposed.”


However, a fellow Twitch streamer, Alinity, is not sure that Bruce’s explanation is the real reason why he broke off his relationship with OTK.

Alinity does not believe Bruce Dropemoff’s explanations about leaving the OTC

She shared her thoughts on this in a January 25 stream, referring to a friendly broadcast that Bruce and Mizkiff shared shortly before his departure from the team.

“I don’t really think that’s the case,” she began. “Because if it was his reasoning, he probably would have felt it long ago, right? For example, what changed between the stream he spent with Miz, where they were really happy and having a good time, and yesterday, when he left?

“I think it was due to the reaction of his community to the fact that he was hanging out with Mizkif. I will die from my words, and I really believe that it was so.”

Bruce mentioned that his community doesn’t like Mizkiff during his last statement about the streamer after leaving OTK, probably referring to leaked texts in which Miz used racial slurs — but so far that’s all we know.


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