Aliexpress: wireless headset and other products on offer


At Aliexpress it is reliable and simple to import accessories that make everyday life easier at home or at work. For example, one can find simple items like cheap headphone or interesting gadgets like a wireless key finder.

Offering attractive prices and discounts, the buyer still has the advantage of international freight with very affordable values. Take a look at this selection of the week’s offers on Aliexpress!

Blitzwofl UM1 Bluetooth Headset

With “buds” format, the Blitzwolf UM1 wireless headset is a companion for everyday life. Waterproof, it offers balanced sound quality and noise cancellation. Another facility is the modern case for transporting and recharging the accessory.

Small and foldable, Eachine E511 is an inexpensive drone option with HD camera. Quadcopter model with plastic fuselage, it has three levels of speed and has a maximum flight time of 17 minutes.

Ideal for travel and filming in the open, the two built-in cameras can be controlled by a special smartphone app. With this, it is possible to take photos and record videos in real time.

Amazfit Pace Smartwatch

If you are in doubt about which smartwatch to buy, the Amazfit Pace is a device with several features. With ceramic panel, it is very resistant and brings a battery capable of lasting 5 days on a charge.

For everyday use, it brings apps for heart rate monitoring and physical exercise monitoring. In addition to the integrated GPS, another highlight is the “always on” screen that adjusts the brightness automatically according to the ambient light.

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