AliExpress reality show opens on Monday (29)


This Monday (29) a reality show from AliExpress will debut, which, according to the company, will bring together great Brazilian TV stars, unpublished promotions and a fierce competition between celebrities.

AliHouse, the most buyable house in Brazil will air at 7:20 pm on Record TV and SBT, and the dispute will continue, for a week, both on YouTube of the three companies and on the Instagram profile of the Chinese. At the end of the article, you will find the Record player.

According to the giant, the so-called AliHouse will have five rooms with products for sale on the website, which can be accessed through QR Code and will have up to 70% discount.

Each day, until April 2, two comedians will need the items on some missions, but while they are doing the tests, what is purchased will be removed from the environment, which will lead participants to search for alternatives to complete their objectives.

Blowing out candles

Sabrina Sato (Record) and Eliana (SBT) will lead AliHouse, as well as CearĂ¡, Carioca, Beto Hora and Benja. Marcelo Zangrandi, Pri Castelo Branco, Victor Sarro and Cris Paiva are among the competitors – and Rodrigo Capella and Mhel Marrer, on the first day, will face each other in the kitchen.

Those who follow the initiative, in turn, will have access to coupons and will also be able to enter the code ALIANO99, thus guaranteeing an additional 12% discount on purchases starting at US $ 99.

The action is part of the celebration of 11 years of operation of AliExpress in Brazil.

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