AliExpress has no plans to close companies in Brazil


Throughout this week, you may have come across the rumor that AliExpress was part of a strategy by China to end Brazilian companies. The text, shared on messengers like WhatsApp, asked people not to buy anything from AliHouse, AliExpress’s reality show, which will feature promotions for various products.

The message spread in recent days, however, is false. First, the text states that the AliHouse action is a partnership between Record, SBT and Globo, when, in fact, the program will be part of the programming of only the first two.

Despite being an extremely large and recognized organization, AliExpress does not even appear in the ranking of the largest companies in China, according to Forbes. In addition, it generates jobs in the country with the delivery of goods and since it opened a physical store in Curitiba.

There is also no evidence that low prices are part of a strategy by the Asian country to break Brazilian trade. In fact, Jack Ma, owner of the Alibaba group – which runs AliExpress – has already publicly criticized the Chinese government.

When reading a news story, remember to look for the source, check if it has an alarmist character or many Portuguese errors. The characteristics signal great chances of being a false news.


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