Aliens: Fireteam takes video with 25 minutes of gameplay


The promising game Aliens: Fireteam received today no less than 25 minutes of unprecedented gameplay captured by the American IGN channel! Its launch is scheduled for the middle of 2021 (our winter) and you can already see it in action here:

The Cold Iron Studios project is a cooperative shooting game for up to three people entirely in third person. For fans of the film series, it’s nice to know that its plot takes place 23 years after the events of Alien 3!

Hunting aliens with friends!

The gameplay above has the perspectives of Craig Zinkievich (the CEO of Cold Iron Studios), Matt Highison (its CCO) and IGN journalist Ryan McCaffrey, who seems to have really enjoyed the mechanics of action and adventure!

It was also shown that the game will have a class system in which it will be possible to choose to play as Recon, Doc, Demolisher, Gunner or Technician, with the right to more than 30 different weapons to choose from when exploding the 11 different types of xenomorphs, encompassing from shotguns to flamethrowers.

The game will be released in PC versions (downloadable only via Steam), PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One! Did you like what has been revealed of the game so far? Share your expectations with us in the comments below!


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