Alien: What Did the Creature’s Eggs Really Contain?


Have you ever wondered what the eggs of the creature from the Alien saga available on Amazon Prime could contain?

What were the eggs of the creature from the Alien saga made of?

Since Monday, November 16, Amazon Prime offers almost all of the Alien saga. A great treat for lovers of science fiction films!

The Alien saga now has 6 episodes! And connoisseurs know that the first 4 are essential.

The saga first appeared on the big screen in 1979. At the time, the film caused a sensation for two reasons.

For its first slogan: “In space, no one came in to yell at you. »And then for his main character who is a woman! Unlikely for the time.

Seven years after the release of Ridley Scott’s first film, James Cameron takes over. No more actions, explosions and special effects… the sauce is on! And the saga subsequently offers 4 other films.


Take a step back in time, it’s 1979. After landing on a desert planet, Officer Kane discovers a very mysterious egg.

Curious, he leans forward to take a closer look. This is where a horrible bug jumps in his face!

Viewers of the film Alien then discover a slimy material inside the egg! What is it really about?

Well Ridley Scott didn’t do things by halves! He indeed filled the eggs with the entrails and stomachs of cattle.

But watching this scene from Alien shows that this disgusting material moves inside the egg. Well Ridley Scott is once again getting it on.

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To mimic the movements inside the egg, he simply put his own hand in it. Disgusting, isn’t it? Well there is even worse.

Note that the face-hugger’s trunk was made from a sheep’s intestine! And the bowels of the creature with seafood!


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