Alien Isolation was developed in secret at the beginning


The Creative Assembly submitted a design document that was rejected by SEGA, but the studio continued to work in the shadows.

No Clip has published a new documentary on its official YouTube channel. The project, which has already dived into the history of great sagas such as Hitman or Half-Life, is now launching itself to investigate Alien Isolation, a title developed by The Creative Assembly for SEGA. Despite having a powerful license, interviews with developers have uncovered a hidden truth. And it is that its creators hid from the Japanese company that they were working on this concept.

This must be analyzed in the context in which the events occurred. Creative Assembly presented SEGA with a design document for an Alien-based survival horror. Still, SEGA rejected the project, so the developers had to make a choice: either put it aside and think of something new, or go ahead and show the Japanese that their idea had enough power. They were determined to continue working on the idea, which crystallized in a demo. They then showed it to SEGA, who then gave birth to the game.

No sequel at the moment

Since the launch of Alien Isolation, not a few players have requested a new installment. However, it does not appear that SEGA is in the business of continuing the story just yet. The closest it has been has been with Alien: Blackout, a title for mobile devices that shares the protagonist, nothing more and nothing less than Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the popular protagonist of the films.

Alien Isolation was released in 2014 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC (later on Nintendo Switch). It was published at a time when the saga was hurt in video games. Alien: Colonial Marines, developed by Gearbox Software (the studio behind Borderlands 3) did not meet expectations and plunged both companies into a legal tangle: they were accused of misleading advertising.

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