Alien Isolation Also Includes Free DLC in Epic Games Store


Alien Isolation: The game is available free of charge from Fortnite creators for a limited time, until next April 29th.Not the first time Alien Isolation was offered for free at the Epic Games Store, but on the previous occasion it was only the base game. In exchange, it now includes its DLC, The Last Survivor. In this way, the players who complain about the game could break with both of them contained in an additional coastal class. Of course you will have to complain before the plaza comes, es decir, next jueves April 29 at 17:00 (Spanish peninsular time).

In Alien Isolation we put ourselves in Amanda Ripley’s role, the assistant of Ripley of the films. Alerted by a sign from the Sevastopol space station, the woman will help to face the worst of horrors. Just like her mother, she will have to do it in front of the amenaza del xenomorfo. Against this creature in the valley the direct confrontation, so that Amanda will slide through the angles pasillos to avoid being discovered by the alien bestia.

In the role of Ellen Ripley

The Last Superviviente is carried out by the very same Ellen Ripley. We relive the final events of the film, with a person who could be played by Sigourney Weaver. In his Nostromos water, he xenomorphs and steps on the stones. Will she be able to escape and will she be defeated by her creature?

This production was conciliated as a survival horror, which uses the tension to generate terror in the game. The Creative Assembly is the studio behind the project, a project that closes it today has not been received by anyone. As a matter of fact, SEGA has not given the green light despite the petitions that have been carried out by some young players. For the moment, there must be the next video game of the saga, Aliens: Fireteam, which is a cooperative multiplayer title, so you can read information on this link.



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